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Sydneyfemaleblogger is one of the most adored instagram influencers, she is not only cherished for her amazing photos that leave people highly JAW DROPPED when they meet her in real life saying ‘ FOR REAL ? “ how can she be even prettier in real life and so CURVY.

star Sydneyfemaleblogger was asked what is her main beauty secret and her answer was on Dailymail “ to be honest i have a very simple skin routine , i have a simple charcoal scrub every morning and put on some Chanel Hydra Beauty Creme and that’s it “ as for her body we had Elise asking Sydney what her body secret scoop is. Well we were left completely “ SHOCKED” Sydney’s answer was “ all i do is eat a bunch of junk food, guys you wont believe it, i gobble up 4 burgers daily and just to make myself feel better i do 2 hour workouts and a good amount of water intake.

Sydneyfemaleblogger has been travelling international for the past 4 years as when she got in the beauty and fashion industry she had no choice but to fly for events,parties and clothing shoots for major companies.

We asked Sydney in our latest interview how it feels to be admired and hated by so many people , We had her give us such amazing responses that prove she’s a caring, careless free spirited, gorgeous MODEL.

Sydneyfemaleblogger joined us in one of our biggest moments of events we had celebrity stylists fly out just to get her makeup and clothes custom made. There is not a doubt that they wouldn’t , we had all types of professional high end people tell us working with her is not even working they enjoy every second of it. She was spotted wearing a dress by Chanel and keep in mind it was made to custom fit her amazing hourglass sculptured body to its best , being a black silky – off shoulder mid dress, to finish it up she paired it off with some custom high heels made by her personal designer Chris Petridoulous being one of Greece’s individual freelance Designers.


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