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DC VS Marvel Superheroes – 5V5 Comparison

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We all love superheroes. After all, they are the ones we have been growing up looking up to. The 90's kids, who are in their mid-twenties now, always dreams of superheroes when there is a big problem going around. Why? I will ask you [...]

Sleep Training Methods for 4-Year-Old

By |2019-02-03T09:37:08+00:00February 3rd, 2019|Categories: Articles, Blog, Health, Life Hacks|

Your four-year-old baby is already used to with self-sleep. But it may not like to stay sleeping all the night. Many parents are worried by their four-year-old child’s sleep regression. Now, this may happen for the different reason. For example, change of schedule, or [...]

Don’t Fall For Home Remedies of Plantar Fasciitis

By |2019-02-03T09:37:22+00:00February 3rd, 2019|Categories: Articles, Blog, Health|

Plantar Fasciitis! Yes, it is a disease. But no, not a very rare one. “Between 4% and 7% of the general population has heel pain at any given time: about 80% of these are due to plantar fasciitis.” – Wikipedia Are you still afraid? [...]

Plantar Fasciitis Is Curable Not a Jinx – Know More Details

By |2019-02-03T09:15:38+00:00February 3rd, 2019|Categories: Blog, Health, Life Hacks|

What is Plantar Fasciitis? A lot of you may not be very much familiar with this medical term. But this is a very common disease. Luckily, this disease is not as hard to get rid of as the name sounds. Or you are here [...]