Lenovo’s All-Screen Z5 Has Some Problems

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Lenovo has been doing their best to hype their new phone Z5 over the last few weeks. They are posting sketches and renders which hint towards a truly-all screen design free from the bezels and notches. And as the Z5 got unveiled in Beijing [...]

How To Fix The Most Common Android Phone Problems

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Got some problems on your Android smartphone? Of course, we all do. There's no denying the fact that Android can offer great reliability, stability, and protection. Despite all that, problems still follow the Android smartphones. Running an Android smartphone isn't easy if you aren't [...]

Huawei P11: its triple dorsal sensor is revealed in video!

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The camera unveiled in this video shows an edge to edge screen and a notch in style to that of the iPhone X.   Huawei P11 X, a P10 mixed with an iPhone X Before talking about the triple sensor photo, let us linger a little [...]

Why Showbox App? About And How It Works ?

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Many users have average to expensive Smartphone. All face the lack of perfect video streaming application on their Smartphone. Now there is no need to regret of your devices. I have found a panacea for all your problems. There are many free movie apps [...]

How New iPhones and Mobile Gaming Complement Each Other?

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Apple has today become a very big name in the mobile phone industry. Exclusive features, unmatched camera clarity and an easy user interface have actually made Apple’s iPhones one of the commonly sold mobile phones in the last few years. With regularly increasing mobile [...]

Best YouTube video Downloader For Android

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YouTube is a largest online video platform that consists of wide range of collection. I think everybody knows about YouTube. It is the platform where all latest and trending videos are available which you can watch for free. It provides varieties of videos at [...]

Troubled With In-App Purchases? Go For Freedom For PC

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Freedom app has significantly been popular among fans of the mobile gaming industry. It is quite obvious that the in-app purchases in the mobile gaming app (or other applications) are one of a hectic task. In order to perform it absolutely free, we have [...]

Top 5 Mobile Phone Models-Just Read Once Before You Buy

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Hello, friends today I will tell you the top five mobile phone models under RS15000. If you are looking for a Smartphone that fulfills all your need, you are at right place. You might be confused between so many phones that which phone you [...]

You TV Player for PC is the Ultimate Choice of All the Movie Lovers

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If you are a movie a lover and have no time to visit the theater now and then, then you can avail a perfect app that can be the best movie guide for you, and after getting it, there is no chance to skip [...]

4 Simple Steps to Download ShowBox for Windows 10

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Kudos to the revolution of technology! That’s the reason why we have come a long way from being dependent on browsers to get hold of certain applications. When it comes to apps, we have the all-time- favorite ShowBox. It is a video streaming app [...]