Why Dhaka Is So Overpopulated

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The word that we most commonly associate with Dhaka city is perhaps "overpopulated". This statement feels truer especially in this month of Ramadan. Supporting over 14 million people on less than 325 kilometers of land is Dhaka city. The drainage, waste management, and transportation [...]

Sarasota Half Marathon brings traffic pattern changes

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The 13th Annual First Watch Sarasota Half Marathon, 10k and the relay is on Sunday. Sarasota Half Marathon brings traffic pattern changes. Roadways around the Sarasota Bay will remain partially closed to traffic. This is done to accommodate this race. The race will begin [...]

Deputy FBI Chief Andrew McCabe is fired

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The Justice Department has fired former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, this Friday. This move strips him of his pension just days before he officially retires. "I have terminated the employment of Andrew McCabe effective immediately," says Attorney General Jeff Sessions. So why Deputy FBI [...]

Here Are Valuable Property Pricing Tips for Sellers in London

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In the UK, there is no denying that the property market is improving constantly and most people who were renting their houses now search for better options when it comes to buying properties. For the London area, this is especially true because here, the [...]


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The region of Southeast Asia is a massive collection of diverse but splendid states which have been squeezed together between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Famous for its pristine beaches, easy air connectivity, reasonable travel budget, and tasty cuisine, the region has been a [...]

Best Jewelry Companies In U.S And Their Store Locations

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Are you looking for one of the best jewelry companies in U.S? Jewelries are used by people from the ancient time. It has a great value and precious effect on our mind as per our usages. I am pretty excited to share with you [...]

5 Important Things Not To Forget When You Get Ready For Vacation In Summer

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When you are planning a summer vacation, there are things that often are forgotten. Once you have your air ticket available and all the accommodations and places to visit, it’s time to pack your luggage. You don’t want to get to your destination and [...]

RIZQ Special Beef Shahi Bhoj – Bangladeshi Spicy Recipe

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 Spicy Than You Think When it comes for beef, then you must keep in mind that it maybe spicy. And yes Rizq special Beef Shahi Bhoj is too much spicy. I would like to call tasty spicy. I think GOD will make this recipe [...]