Don’t Fall For Home Remedies of Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis! Yes, it is a disease. But no, not a very rare one.

Between 4% and 7% of the general population has heel pain at any given time: about 80% of these are due to plantar fasciitis.” – Wikipedia

Are you still afraid? Or looking for a cure. Let us just focus on the positive side and find the best solution for you, or maybe someone close to you who needs it right now.

Well, this Plantar Fasciitis is basically a foot pain. To be more precise, it is a disease, causing pain in the ankle, which may stay for a few days or longer. This pain is actually a result of excess pressure on your foot. The reasons are not 100% clear. But what doctors think the reasons are: standing at a place for a long time, walking or running at a stretch, sports or exercises that may pressure your foot, even gaining extra weight; that your body can’t take. These things may cause a disorder in the connective tissue of your heel bone and toes. This tissue is named as fascia.

So this disease, Plantar Fasciitis, is basically a result of unawareness and reluctance towards your foot. Moreover, who knew this may cause a disease. Most people do not pay much attention at first stage of pain. Some keep repeating the causes that increase the pain and makes the disease permanent.

So be aware, if you still have time. But if you do not have time, do not get worried either. We have got all kind of solutions enlisted here. I hope after reading this article, your all sorts of query, related to this disease, will be cleared.

As we have mentioned earlier, Plantar Fasciitis may be cured at a short time, or it may take a long time. Wait, do not freak out already. Short term or long term; you have a cure. And they do work. So, let’s move to the procedure of getting rid of this disease.

First things first, if you are suffering from any kind of pain in ankle or foot, or facing difficulties to walk, or even running; see a doctor. Do not just avoid it.

You should never just sit at home and browsing the internet for home- remedies of any disease. If you are doing this, you are being reluctant again. And that’s deadly.

Now, what the doctor will do is, give you some test. Obviously, these are not just some tests. You may need to do an X-ray or MRI. Follow as the doctor says. And then, if the report says Plantar Fasciitis, let’s continue with the steps mentioned below.

First of all, follow the steps properly. We have the cure and prove of them working. And we have created this list following necessary medical info. Trust me. I am not here to hang you on fake hope.


The doctors suggest the medicines to the patients who are at the first stage. If you are still a lucky one then, take the medicines as said. You will be cured soon.

Massages & Therapy

If medicines are not enough for you, you should go forward and take the therapies as your doctor suggests. The doctors may suggest some physiotherapy, depending on your necessity and tolerance. Also, you may be prescribed to do some massage.

For a smooth and easy recovery, let me show you some foot massagers for Plantar Fasciitis. The following devices are reviewed to be worthy. All you need to do is figure out which one is best for you.

>>Ucomfy Shitashu Foot Massager with heat

This heating machine comes with 5 heating levels. You can easily choose your level of tolerance and get a warm and relaxing therapy. Another plus point of it is, this machine is big in size, so covers a lot of area at the same time. This device has a special technique of pawing your foot. It can be the best relaxing therapy u know.

This machine is 17.7X15.1X18.1 inches. Which makes it too big to carry everywhere. This turns out to be the only bad side of this machine.



This foot massager is the one that doctors suggest for specialized use, the really powerful one, and best for the people suffering from diabetes.

The Medmassager MMF0611 Seed Massager is very powerful and speedy. Its relaxing formula helps to maintain the blood flow. This takes away the stiffness and numbness of the affected area in only 15 minutes.

If you look at the reviews, you will know how many are satisfied with it and so recommends it.

So much in one machine? Well, as the previous one, this is also not easily movable everywhere. Some also have questioned its durability, plus, the price is also higher than other massaging devices. But if you want the best service, you have to compromise some from your purse too.

>>Premium Massage Ball by Physix Gear Sport

This is a round shaped ball, made of latex-free rubber.

This is a small ball and lets you use in the affected areas only. How? By rolling the ball only at the places where you are affected.

You can use it in a lot of body parts. The ball is not only for pain in foot. You can use it on hands, arms, any muscles.

The spikey design of the ball relaxes the stiffness of muscles and feels so comfortable. The versatile uses of it make it a body-massager.

All, you have to do is, follow the e-book, given with it, and relax. Yes, read it right. The e-book comes with it. No more confusion or need to brows the internet for the directions.

This small roller ball is also easily affordable. I guess you have guessed the other bright side too. The size makes it movable. You can take it anywhere. So, if the pain suddenly you can take the therapy anywhere.

So, it seems to overcome all the previous lacks; but if you want to count it as a lack, the only one small is not sometimes enough for a bigger area.

I hope you have already been doing the math and found which one serves your needs the most.

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