Incredible Ideas to Decorate Luxurious Living Room

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The living room is the only room in the house which is used more and by everyone living in the house. A living room should be elevated for any ideal luxury home, well-appointed and well-judged to accommodate everyone in the house.  You should make the living room impressive and luxurious. Think and spend creatively instead of buying expensive things.

You can make a living room luxurious just by spending a small amount. The living room shows your own personality and taste and thus it should be impressive. The following ideas can help you make a living room more luxurious and glamour.

Introducing Textiles

Use nice and interesting textiles to change the look of the living room such as colorful carpets, throw pillows, rugs, cushions and many other items. Don’t spend too much on buying textiles get a normal and trendy one. Look for the vintage store and flea markets if you can get some vintage or Turkish carpet at a good price. Always look for sale and discounts.

When selecting a carpet or rug, keep in mind the color theme of your living room. The colors should go nicely with the sofa and other items present in the living room. A print which is colorful and bold usually looks nice in the living room. Buy a vibrant colored throw and place it on a chair or sofa, it will enhance the look of your living room.

Sculptural Extras Placement

In order to make the living room more glamorous and luxurious, try to add some structural elements in your living room. Look for unique designs of furnishings such as unique shapes and silhouette, instead of simple straight and circular lines. Add the structural element as per the most outstanding item of your living room so that theme goes well along.

If you see there are squarer and straight lines in the living room, then add structural items having round and organic shapes. Always choose and place interesting shapes as if something totally out of focus can make it look bad. You can look for sculptural shapes such as circular lights of the pendant, round chairs, abstract painting, and many other items.

Concealing Television

If you see the current magazines or online pages you will get to know that there are very limited appliances present in the lounge, if there are they are properly concealed. Do not place flat screens in your living room because they are not less than an eyesore when off. If you have a big flat screen and you cannot change it then camouflage it so that it looks sophisticated.

Try to conceal your tv with sliding wall or mirror doors, it will add beauty to the living room. If that’s too much expensive then add a gallery wall or some art around the tv. It will not overlook your tv through art designs and all will make it look beautiful. Moreover also conceal the cables and wires coming from TV as it looks very untidy and sloppy.


Wall Décor

When you have pressure on budget best is to go for full-size wall decor in order to make the living room more glamorous and luxurious.  You can get a wall décor at a good price, it is not a high price investment. To enhance the look of your living room you can place a big art piece to blend it with the overlook of the living room. You can find a nice wall art at a good price that will make the room more sophisticated.

In order to get a big art piece always look for the design which has high impact and is chic. It should get the audience attention. You can get a nice wall art piece from the flea markets, thrift stores, and local markets. Always look for a good price, it not advisable to spend too much on such pieces. If you or some of your friend is a good artist, place your own painting in the living room.

Mix and Match

You can play with different shapes, colors, and texture and can come up with a piece that gives ultimate effect to your living room. You can make the living room look more sophisticated and elegant by mixing different texture and materials in the right proportion. In order to make the living room more inviting and dynamic at the same time mix metal, leather, wood, glass along with some decorative items and textile.

However, be careful and make the selection very calmly as too many things can make the living room in a confused mode. Everything in the living room should be different but at the same time should complement each other well. If your sofa is in a light color, you can place a nice wooden center table with multi-colored cushions on the sofa. You can create a different theme on the corner tables with nice decorative items.


Try to get some antique pieces and place them in a living room, it will make the living room look very pretty and calm. You can talk to the furniture shop and they can make it for you at a good price. You can also get some antique piece at a good price from the discount store or thrift whose look will tell s if you get this vintage piece from Paris.

You can keep some small items along with big size lamps and mirrors in order to make the living room look different.  Go for the vintage hunt and get wall sconces, antique boxes, antique frame, and pictures. Anything which is vintage will add beauty to the living room.




Make things simple, keeping too much and oversize stuff can lower down the overlook of your living room. Don’t make your living room look like disorganized and messy. Keep less, simple and beautiful stuff to make it cozy, beautiful and relaxed.

Keep on checking at the items and remove if you feel some are not needed anymore. If some pieces are close to your heart, you have memories with, try to keep them. The perfect definition of a luxurious living room is simple and organized.


Try to add different kinds of lamps, candles and lighting fixtures that will make the living room more classy and trendy.


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