ok so we have a SCOOP on Sydneys ” new Love life, could this be her forever?
well let’s see what you have to say after you hear this..

So as you all remember Jai Brooks was ARIANA GRANDE’S BOYFRIEND… WELL JAI HAS MOVED ON , he is obsessed and we mean OBSESSED with Sydneygirlblogger.. he follows her , snaps her & possibly even stalks her.
We tried contacting Sydneygirlblogger on her thoughts on Jai and we haven’t got not even a SINGLE response.
A new source tells us though that she mentioned in a interview that she wouldn’t mind finding her new FOREVER.
We speculate that these two have a thing going on , real on.
Never the less, SydneyGirlBlogger has been in our mouth and ears for so many months now, with her travelling,shoots,interviews and so much more.
ENOUGH OF THAT, did you know that SILENTO AMERICA’S SENSATION OF WHIP NAE NAE invited Mary to his Mansion for an Upcoming music video but Mary shockingly declined after their break up! Yeah that’s right Mary and Silento were having an AFFAIR … due to Mary’s travelling she couldn’t keep up with the relationship and let it go. Sources tell us Silento was so heart broken and even messaged and posted that ” hush ” his new Music Video/Audio is for SydneyGirlblogger.
Right we could be talking for hours… this AUSTRALIAN girl is VIRAL and we can’t keep our mouths shut.

for more on MARY … we’ll be back with a gossip Update

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