How to Find the Perfect Person for You on a Dating Site

Dating website often becomes the last attempt for single men and women. However, after spending a couple of weeks there, people realize that they still did not get the desired result. Finally, you will face the question “Is it possible to find the perfect person on a dating site?” and consequently you will ask “How to avoid people who are not going to marry?” We will try to respond to the most frequent questions in this article.

Many people are wondering, which dating site is the best. Some argue that finding a popular dating site without fraudsters and cheating is impossible. Others, on the contrary, advise boldly to go ahead and not to be afraid of anything. However, there are lots of ways to make sure, that you choose a respected dating site. For example, you could find the rating of such websites and read the information about them on forums or blogs. Some people prefer applications in order to get acquainted, but to be fair people are not seeking long-term relations there. Learn more about the website, which you are going to use beforehand, and that will be definitely the first step towards your happiness.



Types of Persons on Dating Websites

Dividing people into types is a delicate procedure. You can never predict what to expect from a particular man or woman. In general, people which practice online dating agree on these types:


This person usually experiences a long-term communication online and unfortunately does not want to go forward. Possibly, his romantic life seems boring and monotonous. That is why he seeks for some entertaining on dating websites. For such dreamers, a dating site is just a chance to create the image that they probably seek in real life. They always write in their bios some fake information, use photos from the Internet and admire themselves.


This type can be easily recognized by whiny speeches in the profile. As a rule, he or she begins to complain about the constant failures in a private life. Often these people establish simply unrealistic requirements for future candidates. At the same time, they are not superheroes or the most desired people and as a rule, do not meet those requirements themselves. They usually have a standard appearance and level of income. All the anger caused by failures, they will surely reveal during communication.


This person is not interested in serious dating. He or she only enjoys the attention of people and does not strive for something more. Having achieved agreement to a personal meeting, the collector loses all interest in the object of recent desires and switches to other residents of the site.



These people gladly reflect on the phrase “looking for a man/woman” on a dating site. Those who have written similar phrase could suddenly meet the skillful, very beautiful person that will generously give you many compliments. Later, when the relationship will change into real one, the person possibly will become a victim of fraudulent schemes.

Mommy’s baby

These people by their 30-40 years could not overcome the power of maternal attraction. Their profiles are boring and monotonous, dispose of a minimum information and unsuccessful photos. Of course, you can meet a decent companion among them, but half of life you will be constantly fighting with their parents for their attention.


Thanks to the emergence of dating sites, their life has become much simpler. Now you can find a person for a pleasant stay without leaving home. A womanizer will immediately ask about your place of residence and insist on a personal meeting. Often they do not hide their intentions and openly write about them in the questionnaire.

Last Romantic

In their profile, you will definitely find quotations and romantic statements, as well as the communication process will be built on compliments. Such people are not capable to act decisively. Frequently, they did not have even chance to start relations: the person of their heart by the time will simply run away from such tiresome conversations.


Finding such a person on a dating site is a bad luck. Once, this man or woman suffered a great failure in family matters and now they are throwing out their aggression on everyone in a row. Revenge for an offense raises their self-esteem and brings satisfaction.


There are unfortunately a few people of this type. For some personal reasons, these persons choose dating websites to find a company. His or her profile will not attract from the first glimpse:  minimum of photos and information about themselves, a short list of wishes for his life partner. While chatting he or she will be as frank as possible and will offer to meet in real life.



How to Increase Your Chances?

Simply registering on the website and quietly waiting for happiness is not an option. You need to attract the opposite sex. What is the right way to do it? If you are looking for a serious relationship, then do not put anything defiant or too frank in a questionnaire. Do not try to make an ideal image from yourself. Write about yourself from the heart. By the way, a little humor will be a good addition.

Before the registration, it is important to determine the purpose of meeting someone. Are you thinking about the short-term relations or a life-long love story? After all, all further actions are directly dependent on the goal. Another tip – do not use Photoshop. People should see your real appearance, not a well-designed image.

Are you not sure how to start? Then ask for advice in some daily affairs. It does not mean that you need to ask how to hammer a nail. The question should relate to your plans for rest (where better to go, etc). Remember, that long online communication – is the first step to failure. Try not to fall in love before the first personal meeting. Choose candidates with a cold heart, slowly and wisely. Good luck!


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