Is A Biodegradable Bag Completely Safe?

Being a consumer, we will feel relief if we are told that plastic bags are biodegradable. But what’s the guarantee that biodegradable bags are actually eco-friendly? Or are they the same as a degradable plastic bag? So, learn more about Is A Biodegradable Bag Completely Safe? Read below:

What’s the story?

There exists rules for claims to be made on the type of plastics while the ACCC is becoming strict with their policies. Furthermore, independent certification schemes are coming up for everyone to look up and find some peace of mind with regards to the claims being made.

The heart of the matter:

The best eco-friendly solution by far is not lining the bin with a bag. Instead of that, you may utilize newspaper of no liner. You will be able to achieve it if you separate the compostable plastic, recyclables and generalized waste. In this way, compost and recycle as much as possible and as you do this you will be able to notice that, you are delivering fewer wastes to landfills as a result. But if someone still prefers a bag for lining the general waste bin with a plastic bag, the best choice would have to be choosing a certifiable biodegradable or certifiable compostable bag in place of the conventional plastic bags or the ones that have the label degradable.

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