Most Disappointing WWE Superstars Of 2018

You can throw in a number of reasons as to why WWE has been underwhelming and even disappointing in 2018. In-ring returns that were sub-par at best, and the continual inability to grow their persona/characters is a large reason why a lot of them have disappointed big time. With ratings at an all time on both brands, here are the Most Disappointing WWE Superstars Of 2018:


Eric Young, Killian Dain, and Alexander Wolfe- collectively known as Sanity made their debut on SmackDown Live over the summer. But, they had done little of note even in NXT. So, it was clear from the get-go that they would have to make up for it big time on the main roster to raise their stock. But, even on the blue brand which is known to utilize their talent to a great degree, Sanity was largely unused. They first made their appearance on SmackDown Live attacking The New Day, but how many times have we seen a group debut and take out an established superstar or tag team? The answer- a lot. The beatdown seemed generic and a loss in their debut match against Jeff Hardy and The Usos showed clear signs that the WWE writers were unsure of Sanity’s spot on the roster.

Finn Balor:

It was two and half years ago that Finn Balor made his debut on RAW with much hype. He was and still is the longest reigning NXT Champion and in the first month of his main roster debut, he pinned two-thirds of The Shield (Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins) to become the first-ever Universal Champion. Then he got injured and that was the end of that. Even a near hour long stay in the Royal Rumble 2018 did little to increase his stock. But that’s the interesting part: he has featured on a lot of RAW’s main events but has hardly come out as the victor. Numerous losses to the likes of Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins and now Drew McIntyre meant that Balor could never be taken seriously. And as for the Demon persona, it was hardly ever put on display all throughout 2018. And his constant smiling despite all these high-profile losses meant that, even he didn’t care(kayfabe-wise). So why should the audience care about him either?

Bobby Roode:

Yet another great NXT Champion who has failed to live up to his reputation. From being the IT factor in TNA to the Glorious One in NXT, Roode displayed great character depth that many could say was inspired by Ric Flair and Triple H. But since arriving on the main roster in WWE, there has been little of note from Roode. He featured in a fatal 4 way for the US Title at Wrestlemania this year but failed to win and then was dumped to a lower mid-card act on RAW. Barely given any screen time to show of his persona, Roode has barely featured on the PPVs all throughout the year. And then there’s a pissing segment of Drake Maverick on Roode’s robe- and that pretty sums up just how disappointing he’s been this year.

Shinsuke Nakamura:

It’s hard to imagine the winner of the 2018 Royal Rumble on this list but here he is. The King of Strong Style went toe-to-toe in a match for the ages with Styles at Wrestlemania but, the only highlight of that feud was Nakamura’s shocking heel turn at the end of the match. The build-up to the match for the WWE Championship was boring to say the least. The only reason the crowd could have got excited was that, this was the first time Nakamura was facing Styles in a WWE ring. There’s little to say about their in-ring chemistry as they proved it well in their Wrestle Kingdom bout in 2016. But WWE’s PG approach meant that Nakamura’s ruthless persona and stiff striking had to be watered down to a great extent. Unfortunately, it also spelled an end to any specialty that Nakamura could have. He was then made to portray a generic foreign heel capturing the US Title on SmackDown which he barely ever got to defend. Comparing his work and dedication for the IWGP’s Intercontinental Title which he made as relevant as the Heavyweight Title to his work in the WWE as the US Champion- it’s easy to say that Shinsuke is the most disappointing superstar of 2018.

That was all from the Most Disappointing WWE Superstars Of 2018 list. Know of anyone else who should be on the list? Comment below and let us know!


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