Who Is The Next Top Guy For WWE RAW?

This week, at the Survivor Series pay-per-view, WWE’s Monday Night RAW decimated SmackDown Live with a crushing 6-0 victory in all the matches. With the highlight being how Braun Strowman dismantled the top stars on the blue brand. But did it do well for Braun’s push as the next top guy? Find out all about below Who Is The Next Top Guy For WWE RAW?

The heart of the matter:

Roman Reigns had been seen as the “top guy” for WWE ever since The Shield split in 2014. He was supposed to replace John Cena at the helm and looked to be on the right track as he became the top merchandise seller in 2018, beating none other than Mr. Hustle-Loyalty-Respect.

At Summerslam 2018, WWE booked the Main Event smartly by inserting Strowman into the mix and had him wait for Universal Title match to end. This had the crowd in attendance going on a frenzy. With Lesnar hitting an F5 on the Monster at ringside, Reigns seized the opportunity and speared Lesnar to win the title. This allowed WWE to end the event without the chorus of boos we usually get with a Reigns victory. And in the following two months, things seemed to finally fall in place for “The Big Dog” until he had been diagnosed with a returning Leukemia.

He had to relinquish the title but was welcomed with open arms by the fans all over the world. And suddenly, he wasn’t just Roman Reigns, the company’s pet project to replace John Cena but, Joe Anoa’i-a man with a family, a man with a heritage, and a man everyone wanted to beat leukemia and return in front of their TV set. Sometimes real life takes over kayfabe and results in a moment that transcends everything happening on the TV screen. Despite all the hate for the character Roman, the person playing him became an inspiration for everyone around the world. So Who Is The Next Top Guy For WWE RAW?

Who’s Next?

Yes, it is Goldberg’s premier catchphrase meant for his next target. But, here we are trying to find out Who Is The Next Top Guy For WWE RAW? On the out, it looks to be Braun Strowman but, given the recent booking decisions by the WWE Creative Team and the WWE Universe-there’s two more: Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins. So, Who Is The Next Top Guy For WWE RAW? Check below:

Ever since arriving in NXT, Braun Strowman had been ear-marked for a push as a Main Event talent for WWE. At first, he was seen much in NXT, then was aligned with the Wyatt Family and had confrontations with the “Brothers Of Destruction”. After the brand split, he was drafted to RAW in 2016, with a new look. He first made his mark on the 2016’s edition of the Survivor Series and further solidified his claim to the top by his feud with Roman Reigns throughout 2017 that produced amazing matches. In a very short time, Braun has redefined what it means to be a big man in the modern wrestling landscape with unmatched athleticism.

What deterred Braun from his rise to the top however was Brock Lesnar, as he was made to look very much like an ordinary human being compared to Lesnar in their title bouts. With the way he was booked as a sympathetic babyface on RAW and the way he was booked to be indestructible monster in the 2018’s edition of Survivor Series may just have confused the audience. His recent body of work really shows that there’s no real need to book him as a sympathetic babyface. The question is, would you have a 6’8″ guy, who competed as a ‘Strongman’ be affected by the same booking as the likes of a Dolph Ziggler, or would you see him be a larger-than-life athlete like The Undertaker and Kane?

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He is 6’5″ and weighs in at 265lbs according to the WWE. He is a former Impact World Champion and the former NXT Champion. Plus, in his first run in 2009, he was marketed as “The Chosen One” by Vince McMahon himself. How can you not see him as the face of WWE? If reinventing a character is something to judge a wrestler by, then Drew has to be at the top of the list. Due to bad booking, he was aligned with the likes of Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal as a comedy act who were constantly fed to the likes of The Shield and Brock Lesnar. But, Drew didn’t want to be hindered(get the pun?) and so he exited from WWE in 2014 and hit the gym as hard as he could.

By the time he debuted for TNA or Impact Wrestling, he was by all means, looked as menacing as Brock Lesnar if not more. He had packed in the muscles, grew his beard and added more moves to his arsenal and soon became the Impact World Champion. Each promo he delivered carried the exact same intensity as his matches. There was no way to overlook McIntyre and so WWE took him back in and placed him in NXT to see how he fared. Without much surprise, Drew became the NXT Champion and then moved to the Main Roster.

In the past six months, his alignment with and against Braun Strowman has clearly shown the world that he is here to stay in the Main Event scene. To further solidify his status, Kurt Angle himself requested a match in which he would be decimated by Drew.

What more can we possibly say about the man who was earned the nickname “Monday Night Rollins”? From cocky heel champion to sympathetic babyface- The Architect has been the cornerstone of RAW when it comes to producing great matches one after the other. While his initial face turn had been somewhat stale due to his aligning with Roman, he would find his feet when he went solo to capture the Intercontinental Title from The Miz. The constant comparisons and his body-of-work have truly made him the second coming of Shawn Michaels. What’s more, he’s already been to the top in 2015, and even though he wasn’t a draw back then, the crowd’s “Burn It Down” chants really make a strong point for him to be at the top once again.

What now?

It’s not certainly an easy task to replace Reigns as the top guy but, Seth Rollins looks to be the closest to doing so. The reason is, the crowd wants a face character being the champion and more than that, someone who they can relate to. And out of these three guys, Rollins seems to be the one who can really get the job done every time he goes out to the ring.

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