Terry Richardson: The Scandalous Life Of Fashion’s Top Photographer

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Around the time of October last year, it emerged that Conde Nast-which publishes high-fashion magazines Vogue and Vanity Fair- was no longer going to publish fashion photographer Terry Richardson's work. After a fresh scrutiny of years of sexual assault and harassment allegations made against him, the [...]

When Myleene Klass Slips Up

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Myleene Klass was present at Brit Awards showing off her figure. The 39-year-old was looking as stunning as always in a plunging jumpsuit, that had a sheer black top cut to the waistline. But when she opted for a pose on the red carpet- [...]

The Shady Life Of Ben Affleck

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The scandal which permanently destroyed the reputation of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein may just be widening its scope. And the next target could well be actor and filmmaker Ben Affleck. Much like other prominent figures of Hollywood, Affleck publicly denounced Harvey and declared himself [...]