Bitcoin Market Takes A Huge Dip

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In the midst of a sell-off in the cryptocurrency market which started on Wednesday, Bitcoin's market capitalization went under $100 billion mark on Thursday. That's right, Bitcoin Market Takes A Huge Dip. It is a level that has not been seen since October, 2017. What's [...]

Teddy Geiger Is Now Engaged To Emily Hampshire

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It's been two months that they have confirmed their relationship and Teddy Geiger Is Now Engaged To Emily Hampshire! Geiger made the news public on Instagram with a series of posts on Friday. The first of these photos features the couple. "I love this woman [...]

Is The TV Series Elementary Ending?

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As we all eagerly watched the Elementary season 6 finale on CBS, there was just one question in mind: Is The TV Series Elementary Ending? Catch up more on it down here: What's cooking: So, the easy way one can summarize all that took place [...]

The Beast Is Unleashed At WWE HIAC 2018

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WWE's yet another gimmick pay-per-view, Hell In A Cell 2018, ended in a rather dramatic fashion. Although we still have Roman Reigns as the champion, a certain beast has been unleashed. Read all about The Beast Is Unleashed At WWE HIAC 2018 here: What's cooking: [...]

CBS Is Giving Out Privileges To All Access Users

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CBS All Access will proceed to let subscribers save shows on iOS and Android to watch later on in offline mode. This new feature is usable for users of CBS's Commercial Free plan. Remember that, this does not include the users who watch with [...]

Monica Lewinsky Refuses To Talk About Her Past With Bill Clinton

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Monica Lewinsky just cut a live interview short at the time of a conference in Jerusalem on Monday night. This is cited to be due to being asked an "off the limits" question regarding former President Bill Clinton, stating later that the interviewer disregarded [...]

Braun Strowman May Have A Helping Hand Against The Shield

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Last weeks Monday Night RAW was full of shocks and surprises as we saw the reuniting of the "Hounds Of Justice". If you didn't already know, Roman Reigns successfully defended his newly won WWE Universal Championship against Finn Balor in the main event. But [...]

Losing body fat made simple with these 4 effective tips

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Obesity has now become a worldwide issue, affecting millions of people in a way that they can't live their lives to the fullest. At the same time, there are several other diseases that come as a combo offer once you gain excess weight. To [...]

Cardi B Will Open 2018 MTV VMAs

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Cardi B is ready and rolling to make a return to the spotlight. With that in mind, MTV has made the announcement that the "Bodak Yellow" rapper had been chosen to open the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards. Read in detail about "Cardi B [...]

Amazon Has Discontinued The Kindle Voyage

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By the end of July, Amazon discreetly removed its Kindle Voyage from the storefront. Read more on Amazon Has Discontinued The Kindle Voyage below: What's cooking: TheEbookReader and GoodEReader have confirmed that Amazon have discontinued the line of eBook readers. Both of these sites claim [...]