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Dabbe (2006) movie

The name or word Dabbe means a moving creature or animal that walks or moves with complexity. Debbe is a verb that means walking with difficulty. It is used for ants, insects, animals and refer to the effect of alcohol.

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Dabbe 3(2013) :Bir cin vakasi

M sign of jinn

This is an English letter ‘M’. But in Arabic it is a number. If we separate the letter ‘M‘ from middle, we will get two opposite ‘V‘ letters. oppose ‘V‘ means 8 in Arabic. So the symbol that looks like ‘M’ that means double eight or eighty-eight (88).

Eighty-eight (88) is the figure of Jinn’s. And in the holy Quran, Devil is mentioned 88 times. Devil Has 88 Jinn tribes. Surah Al-Ghāshiyah is the 88th surah of the holy Quran. Ghashiyah means The Overwhelming incident. The occurrence of the Doomsday. 88 is the seal of the devil and the jinn’s ruling of the world. It is said that ” As the doomsday approaches, Satanists will draw it everywhere.

M signs collage in dabbe 3

Summary of Surah Al-Ghāshiyah

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

This is a Meccan surah. Its topic based on Paradise, Hell and the Unique creation of Allah.

The first theme is the Keyamot and the difference amongst the purposes of the Good and the Evil in the Akhirat.

The second theme is Monotheism with mention to the making of the sky, the whole earth, and the mountains. Human beings should study these brilliant stuffs as unique creation by Allah.

The third theme is Prediction and some of the responsibilities that the Holy Prophet (S) was necessary to do.

On the whole, the Surah supports the impression for the base of religion and faith. As every Meccan Surahs ensure.


NB: This summary is only based on my thinking. Obviously my thinking and perspectives are not the same as you. This summary could be good or bad. Right or wrong. If it is bad and wrong, then I’m extremely sorry. Please let me know if I’m wrong in any single word. It would be very grateful of you if you give the correction of my wrong words.


Dabbe 4 (2014) : Cin Çarpmasi (The curse of Jinn)

Mirror sign of jinn

This sign was made by Kubra in faruk hodja’s palm. When faruk performed the first exorcism then Kubra drew this sign in faruk hodja’s palm.

This sign means MIRROR. It is said that jinns lives inside the mirrors. Inside the mirror there is an era of jinns.

“If a jinn completely takes over a young body. It sends a message that says mirror.”

So, that sign was made by a jinn which has possessed Kubra.



“I hide in the darkness of the night cover. The evil spirit behind the mirrors come here and show me what you feed from!”

“Jinn. What do you want from Kubra? “

“Jinn! What do you want from Kubra?!!


It is said that, when you ask jinns a question they answer it with symbols. In the room of mirrors, Faruk Hodja called jinns through the mirrors. It is the best way to communicate with jinns. In the movie this sign was made by jinn.

Toilet spell sign of jinn

According to alchemy it means soap stone but according to Black Magic it means Toilet Spell. It is also called the Death Spell.


Vivo sign of jinn

7175 is a 2000-year-old code. According to Christians, Jesus was killed on the cross but according to Islam he wasn’t crucified.


If you note 7175 on a piece of paper. Then write the Arabic version of those numbers underneath. I will look like this.

Vivo sign of jinn

VIVO means I’m alive in Latin.

7175 secret numbers, who don’t believe that Jesus died or was crucified.

“The cursed sprit that cried of hell in front of the cross. You couldn’t put the spikes of hell on Jesus’s forehead. Evil nails couldn’t pierce his clean palms. I, your God, didn’t entrust his pure soul to your cursed souls. Jesus, my servant, is with me. Know and let it be known that Jesus is not dead, he lives. And Jesus said ‘VIVO’. “

The group who believed that Jesus was alive during that time turned the word into a code and that’s how the code 7175 emerged.

Jinns which are killed and buried by people they lived by using this code.


In this movie the 7175 code was written everywhere. 7175 code means I’m alive. It means the female jinn Sare was alive.



Dabbe 5 (2014) : Zehr-i Cin

Shadow of Three Arms sign of jinns

We can find another code in this movie. Jinns communicate with us by symbols or codes. This is another code. That is 7730.

They didn’t know about the meaning of 7730 code. One of them had to go to the world of jinns inside the mirror. Girl went to their world Azrael sleep. In the world she found a writing in her palm and that was DEATH. In that world someone kills her as well as all of her family members. After that she came back to the real world.

Shadow of Three Arms sign of jinns

There she heard a voice saying ‘Kitab Al- Ehir’. In Arabic ‘Kitab-Al-Ehir’ means last book. As prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam is the last prophet of Islam so the holy Quran is the last book.

If we try to find 7730 in the holy Quran we can find 77th surah 30th verse. Al-Mursalat (The Emissaries, Winds sent forth) is the 77th surah and it has 50 verses. The 30th verse is “انطلقوا الى ظل ذي ثلاث شعب”. It means “Proceed to a shadow (of smoke) having three columns.”

In the movie they found the meaning of this verse was “Go to the shadow with three arms”.


NB: I got these knowledges from Dabbe movies. This signs could be wrong. This not a statement. These are just my perspective of the sign of jinns through Dabbe movies.


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