Music + Faith: 3 Reasons to Book Christian Live Acts

Faith and music go hand in hand, with many saying they believe we connect so much better with religion when we’re able to celebrate it in song. Although you can always listen to a CD or Spotify track if you want to: live music is an entirely different experience.

These are the top three reasons to book Christian live acts: and how anyone can do it!

What Events Can You Book Them For?

Christian live acts can be booked for a huge array of events! From weddings to Sunday church services to cookouts: you’ll find there are endless reasons to hire good entertainment.

It’s important that you ensure that regardless of the event, there’s a safe and spacious area for the performer and at least a microphone and speaker available so they can perform more comfortably.

1- Support Artists In Your Community

It can seem like it’s getting harder to find fully Christian performers out there: and a large part of that is due to demand. Performers have to be able to afford to eat and live their lives, and if they’re not able to book enough jobs, they’ll swap to more secular music.

By supporting Christian musicians, you can show that they have value and that you’re willing to help support their career so they can stick to the Christian genre.

2- Connect Your Beliefs to More People

There’s no better way to connect more people to religion than through music, so showing guests at your event the performer is a Christian musician may change how people feel about Christian music or about attending church with you.

Make it clear that you’re not trying to convert anyone, just trying to connect with them.

3- Enjoy the Rush of Live Acts

Enjoying a live act is so different from how it feels to listen to a cd or Spotify. Not only do you get to enjoy hearing the clearest version of the performer’s voice, but you also get to watch them experience the music as they create it, which can be an incredibly moving and powerful thing to see.

Live acts have an entirely different and electrical feeling that can add to a religious experience and make far more people feel inclined to visit your church a second time.

How to Find Christian Live Acts

If you’re new to hiring acts, it’s okay! There are a few ways to find musicians and rappers that are Christian in your area. The most obvious is local social media! This will point you towards performers that are already well known and loved by locals and will give you an easy way to contact them.

Another option is to look at job listings and gig sites! These will allow you to connect with more artists, but make sure you’re clear that you’re looking specifically for a Christian musician for your performance.

Live Acts Can Change Everything

Whether you’re hosting a church event or a wedding, a live event can be a game-changer. Consider hiring a live Christian musician for one of your next events!

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