3 Reasons Why You Feel Depressed

You know that your week is going good. You are getting the job done, you are hanging out with your friends. Everything seems to be going smooth till you start to notice something’s off. All of a sudden, you are not enjoying your job anymore, you keep procrastinating with your work. And you don’t even feel like hanging out with your friends or family. You are feeling an emptiness inside, and a total lack of motivation that you can’t quite explain. What’s going on? Well, you are depressed. That may well be the case. So lets look atĀ 3 Reasons Why You Feel Depressed:

Comparing: We always can see that one guy, who is better at his job than us. We also that one guy who is very rich even though he doesn’t have to make the efforts. And we immediately start comparing our lives with theirs. This can well be what you are doing right now. You, in your subconscious mind. are comparing between the privileges you are getting and that other person is getting. Why am I saying privileges right? Well because there are a lot of people who are poor, or disabled or mentally handicapped- who don’t get the benefits in life that you do. So yes, you are getting privileges.

You are now readingĀ 3 Reasons Why You Feel Depressed.

Not being able to relate: We always want to be able to relate to the people we talk to. Isn’t that why we communicate with people? The whole purpose of us communicating with other like-minded individuals is to be able to relate to them. Essentially, if you are able to relate to a friend, you get to feel normal. You get to feel as if you are living in the same society. But once you stop relating to people, you will find it hard to talk to them. You will not feel like talking to your friends if you can’t relate to their experiences.

Looking back to the past: If you look back to the past, it can be mostly because you are unhappy with your current state. But, even if you are happy with your current life, sometimes when you start looking back to the past times- it can become a habit. You start reminiscing of the good old times once too much. In that way, slowly you start to lose your self in modern society.

These are some of ways people get depressed. Do you agree with the 3 Reasons Why You Feel Depressed? Let us know in the comments below.

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