Click – 2006 IMDB 6.4

Click - 2006

1.Family comes first!!!!

“Click” is a comedy movie of Adam Sandler and Kate Beckinsale. This is a movie of every single fellow who works hard for making a better life for his family. But when you get a short-cut way of success then nobody can stop you. In this movie a universal remote gives your short-cut way of success. This is why it’s named “Click”.You are working unbreakable for your family, for a healthier upcoming of your family, for a protected prospect. But in the meantime you forgot to pass time with your family. When you became a prosperous person in life, you will get a little time to pass with your family. You love your family but you haven’t given appropriate time to your family and children then your love won’t mean anything to them. This is not a shadow of a good father.“Click” is a comedy movie but it has so many emotional, sensitive sequences. In the end when the father is going to die he told his son that family comes first.

This movie was nominated for 1 Oscar and also won 3 prizes and got 11 other nominations.

For me it’s a very good movie to watch. Comedy, drama, emotion all are in this movie. In the end you will pick up a noble knowledge.

IMDB Rating: 6.4/10

My Rating: 7.0/10

Review By a GIG : Suniv Ashraf


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