Have You Watched These Top 3 Psychological Animes?

The ‘Psychological’ genre is a popular one among both the avid anime watchers as well as newcomers. A good anime from this genre is a great treat for your brain.  It delves into the characters’ mental state, their views and thought process. It often includes a mystery element. Sometimes it even toys with philosophy. This genre encourages you to expand your thinking. Altogether this genre is very enjoyable.

We’ve compiled 3 anime series from the genre this time. These series are great as an introduction to the genre. And they will also entertain the avid fans. Have You Watched These Top 3 Psychological Animes?

  1. Parasyte:

The anime starts in a peaceful modern world. Out of nowhere, an alien species lands on earth. These worm-like aliens enter a human body through the skin. Almost like a parasite. They gain full control of the host and have the ability to morph into any form. Their goal is simple. To feed on more humans.


One night, 16-year-old Shinichi is attacked by an alien. But using quick wit he stops it from reaching the brain. The alien is only able to take over his right hand. The alien, now named Migi, can only rely on Shinichi to survive. The duo, now as partners, has to fend off other parasites. After various events, they set out to save humanity.

The anime shows their difficult journey; how Shinichi has to come in terms with his new reality; the odd relationship between him and Migi. The anime also shows the differing views of Humans and the aliens. The original manga is two decades old. Still, the anime was a great adaptation of the original. It nicely combines action with the psychological. Altogether it’s a great anime.

  1. Ergo Proxy:

It’s thousands of years after a global disaster. Earth is almost inhabitable. One of the last human cities is Romdo. It’s a “utopia”. With artificially bred humans and helper robots – “Autoreivs”, life goes on. Lil Mayer finds this life boring, inorganic. In the meantime, strange things are happening. The autoreivs are struck with a virus. This “Cogito” virus gives them consciousness. At the same time, a strange monster is terrorizing the city. All of this is seems linked.

While investigating, Lil Mayar begins to question this world. She sets out to uncover its hidden mystery. Our other main character, Vincent Law, is tied up in the mess. He is being pursued. He manages to escape. He begins his journey to find answers. Who is he? What’s his true purpose? Both of their journeys are entangled. Together they find out the truth. About the god-like beings – “Proxy”s, the original humans, and the outside world.

“Ergo Proxy” is a great mix between Sci-fi and Psychological. It has a deep and interesting story. It’s shrouded in mystery. It also has philosophical themes. It is a bit complex. But a focused watcher will surely enjoy it.

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  1. When They Cry:

It’s summer of 1983 in Hinamizawa. Keiichi Maebara has moved to this quiet little village. Not long after, he becomes good friends with classmates Rena, Mion, Shion, Satoko and Rika. They are living a playful life. Every day is filled with fun, laughter, mischief. But something feels wrong. An ominous tone persists. Soon Keiichi learns about the local legend. In recent years, there has been a chain of murders. And somehow it’s connected to the village deity, Oyashiro. Keiichi searches for answers. But no one is eager to reveal the truth. Keiichi begins to lose his mind. He doubts even his friends. He thinks his friends are trying to kill him. Finally, he goes insane. He ends up murdering them all. The plot ends in terror.

It’s summer of 1983 in Hinamizawa. Keiichi Maebara has moved to this quiet little village. The time-line repeats. Each time one person of the group goes insane. And all ends in disaster. Why is this happening? “It’s Oyashiro-sama’s curse.” Only Rika retains the memories of different time-lines. It’s up to her to solve the mystery. Only she can lift the curse and save the villagers.

Horror and psychological go hand in hand. This anime is an example of that. How each character goes insane is truly terrifying. And Rika has to see them first hand and live on with the courage to save them. We can feel each character’s struggle.  And we are on the edge of the seat to know the truth. All this wrapped in gore and horror. It sends a chill down our spines. The horror aspect shown is unique. It’s a great watch if you love that kind of stuff.


Anime is a large medium of entertainment. There are countless great animes out there. From so many choices, we tried our best to pick 3. We wanted to include quality animes. We included 3 different takes on the “Psychological” genre. We hope that you found something you haven’t seen before. And we hope that you will enjoy these as much as we did.

Have You Watched These Top 3 Psychological Animes? Did you find what you were looking for? What do you think we missed? Tell us in the comments below.

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