Introducing Bike Computer App – First Crash Story

We all know that today’s technology – smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers – has shifted many people into a “self-help” mode in which only few clicks and swipes puts decision-making information and power at their fingertips.


One of the Bike Computer app users, Vasko Cvetanov was very lucky to end up only with minor injuries thanks to our Keep Me Safe Feature.



He has a very important message for all the cyclists around the globe.


Check out his story…


It only takes a quick search on any other of the global shops to discover a variety of cycling products – lights, backs, locks… for commutes, downhill rides or long tours – there is a product for everyone and every ride.


Bike Computer’s unique feature


Bike Computer’s Premium users get access to Keep me Safe, a unique feature that can literally save your lives. Keep me Safe sends SOS messages with the location to your emergency contacts. Keep me Safe is the favorite feature to cyclists who often ride alone, and want to make sure their family and friends know that they are safe.

Keep me Saves can literally save lives, as this video demonstrates.


We asked the Bike Computer Team what is new in the app too.


‘’We are super excited to announce that we’ve finally released our premium version.


The new Premium features include:

– New Customizable Dashboard

– Keep Me Safe – Feel safe on every journey

– Dark Theme – It saves your battery life for 12% more than any other app

– New metrics – Cadence, Elevation Gain, Elevation Loss…

– Live Chat – 24/7 App Support for Cyclists

– Premium Deals”


What are Premium Deals?


Bike Computer team have decided to open partnerships with independent bike shops among which the cycling,, and dozen others who are manufacturing, designing and selling cycling gear. This partnership is called “Premium Deals” and it is designed to promote the independent shops and startups and connect them to the cycling community of Bike Computer, that  has more than 100.000 active cyclists from all around the world. The cyclists get a discount on their favorite cycling gear and apparel that can best fit their needs as cyclists. Bike Computer is also using data analysis to offer the best gear in accordance of your cycling style.


“There are ongoing talks with the cycling community about what they need from the bike stores. We talk with the bike stores, and soon, we can suggest personalized products, which I think is great for every cyclist, no matter if they ride more often or not”, says Maria.


Bike Computer is free to download for Android ( and iOS (, although to unlock all features you need to subscribe.


So, what are you waiting for ?

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