Meet Nick Jonas’ Biggest Fan

The Jonas Brothers have split a long time ago and they are enjoying a solo career. Amidst all that, Joe Jonas has seemingly found the love of his life in Game Of Thrones actress Sophie Turner. And rumors have been flying about his younger brother, Nick Jonas and who he’s currently dating. Nick recently had a concert in Brazil and we could spot one fan in attendance in particular who may be his biggest fan yet. Meet Nick Jonas’ Biggest Fan:

What’s cooking:

Priyanka Chopra is killing the girlfriend game right now. She took her new beau, Nick Jonas to her home in Mumbai, to meet her family. Then they flew across the world to Brazil. There, he played at a concert with the Chopra supported him by watching through the crowd like his number one fan.

While Jonas was on stage this Saturday, the Quantico star had been spotted hanging out by the sound booth cheering him on. And she was busy recording his performance like the proud girlfriend she is. You can see her smiling as she held up her phone to take the perfect shot and our hearts are melting.

One of the videos recorded from her phone made an appearance on her Instagram story– Jonas being cheered on by the crowd with the caption, “Him ?”:

Chopra was showing her unwavering support even before Nick took to the mic. Earlier in the day, just outside the stadium, she snapped a photo of the lineup and added a heart stick just next to Nick’s name.

The “couple” had been spotted arriving together earlier in the weekend, greeting a few of their fans at the airport. So, Meet Nick Jonas’ Biggest Fan!

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