The New Mercedes Maybach Concept Is a 20-Foot-Long Convertible

At a non-public estate on stone Beach golf course in Carmel, Calif., Mercedes-Benz unveiled its latest construct car: the Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 equipage. just like the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 construct that the company revealed before the stone Beach Concours elegance last year, the Maybach half dozen cabriolet is an electrical automobile that’s nearly 20 feet long, has a drive system that gets 750 HP, and has a very of quite 200 miles on one charge of the battery hold on beneath its floor. It’s identical engine as its predecessor, now in outside kind.
But you won’t be able to pass. The car may be a one-of-one example of Mercedes’ vision for the cars it’ll create in 2035 and on the far side.

But that’s just Maine. Look—when I check out a concept like this, I don’t see a car I need to drive. This can be approached too out of it and out of reach on behalf of me. It’s additional like observing a monument to wealth, or some freak natural prevalence like, say, an eclipse. It’s for me to visualize and enjoy. However, it’s just there for folks to expertise.

Last month, Tesla’s Model S ranked because of the top luxury electric vehicle, in line with consumer Reports (via Fortune). Audi, BMW, and Porsche have conjointly introduced their advanced electrical ideas within the past year. Last week, Hyundai conjointly announced its plans to launch a long-range electrical luxury car under its Genesis brand in 2021.

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Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6: Studie eines extravaganten Coupés der Luxusklasse; 2016 ;
Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6: Study of an ultra-stylish luxury-class coupé; 2016;


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