Shah Rukh Khan May Star in ‘Vikram Vedha’ Remake

Recently there is news circulating that Shah Rukh Khan may not star in the Hindi remake of 2017 neo-noir Tamil drama, ‘Vikram Vedha’. But new reports claim that the actor has finally given a nod for the project. According to an online portal. SRK wants two major changes in the script. However, makers were not willing to accommodate them at first. But, Neeraj Pandey acquired the remake rights to the film, SRK’s demands were then fulfilled.¬†Shah Rukh Khan May Star in ‘Vikram Vedha’ Remake.

If we are to believe the reports, then SRK was offered Madhavan’s role in the remake. However, SRK made the demand to play the role of Vijay Sethupathi. Earlier, the makers were indecisive about it, but the later reports suggest that they agree to SRK’s demand. At first, there had been rumors circulating that the original duo, Pushkar, and Gayatri would be making the remake. Although SRK was not happy about it and wanted Neeraj Pandey to direct the movie. Reportedly the makers have agreed to the demand.

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