Work With Us On Affiliate Marketing Project

Learn Off Page Search Engine Optimization and Affiliate Marketing for free by investing a few of your daily hours.  

What You Will learn and Earn- 

Add some extra skills to your resume as well as your LinkedIn profile, gather some experience about freelance and affiliate marketing life. Build your Portfolio. Make some easy money while you sleep.  

We need three people for our upcoming Affiliate Marketing project. Before getting into the position description, some relevant information is given below.  

What We Will Actually DO

We will build a website and will sell amazon products by becoming their affiliate. Each sale will get us some commission. That would be our profit.  

How It Works 

We will bear the Initial investment of website and others. The project might make a profit or not. If it profits, you will get your share/equity/cut defined from your position. If it doesn’t, nobody gets nothing but experience and learnings. So we will share every detail either it’s making profit or not.  

You have to be patient as the project will start making profits after 5-6 months.  

Why You Should Opt? 

It’s not an office job. You can work From your home by investing 10 hours a week. Most Importantly you will learn about Affiliate Marketing and Off Page SEO. You can build your portfolio and add it to your resume or CV. 

N.B : Sorted Applicants Will Have To Go Through A Skill Test To Be Selected 


Position Details  


  • Content Writer 

Equity/Cut = 25% of Profit 

Skills- Proficiency In English, MS Word, Surfing The Internet. 

Must-Have – Laptop or Pc, Stable 24×7 Internet Connection, Smart Phone. 

Duty- Writing Around 100 articles minimum, the more you write, the more it boosts profit. 


  • Graphic Designer

Equity/Cut = 20% of Profit 

Skills- Designing Posters, Banners, Infographic.  

Must-Have – Laptop or Pc, Stable 24×7 Internet Connection, Smart Phone. 

Duty-You will be doing every Designing work. 


  •  Public Relation Officer 

Equity/Cut = 15% of Profit 

Skills-Proficiency In English, MS Word, Surfing The Internet, Communication through email, Handling social media accounts.  

Must-Have – Laptop or Pc, Stable 24×7 Internet Connection, Smart Phone. 

Duty- Sending emails and following them up. Monitoring Social Media Profiles, as posts will be auto-published. 


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    N.B : Sorted Applicants Will Have To Go Through A Skill Test To Be Selected