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Fortnite Comes To Androids This Summer

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Epic Games' hugely popular Fortnite Comes To Androids This Summer. The company made the announcement in a developer blog post. The post, featuring the title "The State of Mobile" broke down some of the new features which the game's mobile team is working on. There [...]

What’s Making Battle Royale Games So Popular?

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You'll get to hear a lot of people say these lines, "I am terrible at PUBG/Fortnite. Absolutely appalling, both on PC and Xbox. I don't get chicken dinners and my aim is that of a potato's". And they still keep coming back for more. [...]

Follow These Steps To Win Battle Royale Games

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The recent rising popularity of battle royale style survival games is truly a sight to behold. PUBG, Fortnite and many other similar games have gained a lot of popularity in the last year. But suppose you’ve picked up a copy of the game, started [...]