What’s Making Battle Royale Games So Popular?

You’ll get to hear a lot of people say these lines, “I am terrible at PUBG/Fortnite. Absolutely appalling, both on PC and Xbox. I don’t get chicken dinners and my aim is that of a potato’s”. And they still keep coming back for more. So,¬†What’s Making Battle Royale Games So Popular? Let’s take a look:

PUBG competition and bragging right:


Gamers can be pretty competitive people. Who’d wanna lose? Of course, nobody, and not especially gamers. They have to beat every game and everyone who’s playing it. You can look at it as a Batman and Joker kind of relationship. The nature of this game has made it one of the most competitive games around. You drop in with 99 other players, either alone or while in a squad. Staying alive until the end is how you win- obviously. But, this has sparked some serious stat-cravings among the players. People are grinding leaderboards and chasing those numbers- overall, win and kill.

Survival is the name of the game

Survival is the name of the game

And if you are on the losing side, you jump back in and you chase that seemingly never-ending goal.

Now let’s take a look at some Fortnite moments:

Shareable Moments:

Isn’t the game fun? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be playing it, right? So what’s makes it fun? First of all, Battle Royale is designed as a blank slate for vivid personal stories. Inside the game, you can easily be swept up in the travails and adventure of your avatar. Each time that bus cruises over the island, so many narratives unfold.

Landings are fun

Landings are fun

There are so many stories to tell about how you won, or how you almost got to the end. It all can be endearing to a lot of people. And it also helps that this game is shareable. The flowering of Twitch streams is just one part of the story. And since it’s a console game, it heavily favors collective couch play.

You get to feel like you have achieved something even when you don’t win. Some players say that getting into the top five is a big deal itself.

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The brilliant design:

Killing people isn’t just a matter of having good first-person shooter skills. It’s not even about making carefully designed environmental sight lines. So what is it about? Well, don’t you feel as if it’s a hunt? And with that hunt, comes risks and rewards. To make use of the geography and taking cover is a big part of the tactical game.

The geography changes

The geography changes

There are other elements to notice as well- the world is pretty. And the map is a rolling buffet full of changing environments, from close-quarter buildings to the open meadows.

The psychology:

You kill a player, do you have to look at a gory corpse? The answer is no. You just collect the loot and move on. This is what connects with kids and also parents.

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