“Thor: Ragnarok” Official Trailer

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  1. BreyerHorseHeaven

    Just saw this on Tv and had to rewatch it to really focus on it. Are they going to touch on the fact Loki Might have killed Odin? (Due to the end of the last Thor movie?) And Didnt He go to Jane in the last one too. Hope they actually explain it this time.

    Also, It saddens me how Marvel doesn't acknowledge all the things actually connected to Loki. Like Fenrir and Sleipner his Sons, and Hela His Daughter. I really hope they acknowledge it, being so into Mythology is bothers me they dont do it right. At Least Wonder Woman Acknowledged who her brother was.

  2. SecondHand Director

    Nude is also used to help these actresses, ready to do it too.
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  3. JS K

    I can't wait for this, justice league and infinity war (in no particular order fanboys of all persuasion). I liked the first Thor movie and really liked civil war. The second Thor was poor, possibly worse than iron man 2 and 3 which would be some achievement because those movies were v.poor….but not as bad as BvS and suicide squad (the latter movie is competition for Shaq's all time great movie 'Steel'

    . BEfore any DC fanboys jump on me…i loved MoS and WW

  4. Ava Creador

    What if Loki dies and that's why Thor has glowing blue eyes and lightning surrounding him. Thor got mad because The goddess of death killed him? I would be devastated if Loki died

  5. L A

    USA box office is more important, and in her, Wonder 425 Million vs Spider 330 Million. Wonder the biggest origin movie superhero… DC >>>>>>>> Marvel.

  6. Gentle Dileep

    "Thor: Ragnarok"

    0:02so much has happened since I saw you
    0:07lost Miami like yesterday so that's cool
    0:10pretty fresh
    0:13then I went on a journey of
    0:29we're out you have no idea
    0:35hello the god of the test is invaded as
    0:37god oh I miss this
    0:42and you and I have a fighter's name come
    0:48now I want easily sound right Oh
    0:55god is dead little be reborn in Miami I
    1:02thought you'd be glad to ceiling near
    1:06the stopper here and now and prevent
    1:08Ragnarok the end of everything
    1:11so I'm putting together a team
    1:15like the old days
    1:19surprise the discuss fun
    1:32he's a fighter
    1:37here we go
    1:43I'm not a queen or a monster
    1:47the goddess of death
    1:52what were you the god of again
    2:05the same unites just a couple hothead
    2:09yes a hawk like fire door like water I
    2:13can't cuz I fire the hole quick raging
    2:17fire though I like smoldering fire

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