10 best tips for marketing Your Rental Property

The days are gone when you put a sign-board in front of your home and had to wait for tenants or buyers for renting or selling your home. In this tech era everything and everyone is up for competition, so, if you need to rent your property, you need to have proper marketing skill for it.

The term “approaching” has gone to a different level as through many channels, one potential tenant can contact you, and you need to understand which channels are most popular nowadays.

Worry not, as renting out your property is a tiresome job itself plus it can be bit emotional and tedious, so you don’t need to have some headache while thinking in which channel or media you can do the marketing; I have researched and chosen the best 10 tips for marketing your rental property. You might want to know more about real state marketing strategies or real state marketing strategies, visit that link. You can also visit the property tracking system for more detailed tips.

Read on.

Go online
You need to realize that almost everyone uses search engines like Google to find anything; so it is quite apparent that most of the potential tenants are going to search for property on the internet too. As a landlord, you can consider the internet as your best friend; you can find a plethora of websites where you can list your property for getting attention from tenants. Some famous sites for property listings are Craigslist, Trulia, Zillow, Rentberry, etc. Some websites also let you attach your listings with other popular online platforms like HGTV, Hotpads, MSN real estate, etc.

Social Media

No one can brush aside the power of social media nowadays; using it correctly can help you in getting success. Facebook advertisement lets you connect with the target audiences as well as you can post an ad in your profile and ask your friends to share the same; this is an easy way to get a lot of people engaged and know about your post. Other social media like Instagram can be used to some extent for the same.

Highlight the Property’s Amenities

Your property can have a swimming pool or rooftop deck, even if you possess a decorated patio you need to highlight those in your advertisement or in the listing. Don’t get disheartened if you don’t have such amenities to provide, you don’t need to spend an extra penny for adding them, what you can do is highlight the facilities that your property can provide, such as easy availability of public transportation or accessible restaurants or supermarkets, etc. Check out this rental property blog for more useful tips on rental real estate information.

Upload Beautiful Pictures

All the marketing tricks using the internet will only work when you upload nice pictures of your property in the listing. If needed, invest in high-quality photographs by clicking photographs by professionals, this will help you in creating an excellent impression for the viewers who are searching for a property. Uploading lousy photos makes people lose interest in your property.

Upload Video

You might not always have time to show your property to every tenant approaching you, but you can give them the opportunity to visit your property virtually. Make a video of your property, and upload it in the YouTube, share the link with the interested person and they can view every detail of your property from anywhere. There’s no need to arrange a physical showing every time. On the other hand, do not forget to share the video on social media platforms for more engagement.

Appreciate the Referrals

Though the process is traditional still ‘word of mouth’ or ‘referrals’ is one of the best ways for searching tenants. Ask your neighbor, friends, relatives, and colleagues to look for tenants if possible. Make sure to appreciate their efforts by rewarding them once they get you, suitable tenants.

Offer something extra

This entirely depends on you, what you can do extra to gather people’s attention towards your property. Giving some freebies or discount is always a bang on, you can offer some cash discount from the first month’s rent, or you can provide something for free like gift cards of restaurant or shopping, even if you can adjust your budget you can offer them a TV or some other gadgets.


Though it cannot be considered as a direct marketing tactic, still you cannot ignore it. You need to look after the matter that the exterior of your property looks well-maintained. It doesn’t mean that you need to change the entire look for making it attractive; some small changes like cutting the grass, planting some flowers can give a positive and welcoming vibe.

 Physical Signage

Yes, the internet does matter in case of marketing, but having a physical sign is also necessary. Grabbing a flyer or going for a drive to find a property is still a choice for many people. So, you can always consider having high-quality signage for catching the attention of the possible tenants.

Behave Well

Your behavior as a landlord can play a considerable part while dealing with tenants and arranging the showing.  Behaving well can make a significant effect on the tenants, which will eventually be beneficial for you. Try to learn more about your locality so you can give the answers to the questions a tenant going to ask you. Be polite, professional, and presentable; thus, people can find a trust factor in you.


The tips mentioned above can be useful in case of marketing your property, but when it comes to renting; you should look for an attorney to have a sealed agreement between you and the tenants. If anything seems complicated, then you can always hire a realtor and let him deal with all the matter. But be sure that you are hiring a professional and expert realtor; otherwise, your experience with renting out property can be daunting.

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