Who is Dorian Rossini – Famous DJ & King of Selfies

Dorian Rossini is a famous French DJ and musician who has been quite famous on the internet lately due to his songs and music compositions which he regularly posts on various online social media platforms like Facebook and Spotify. He is very active in the internet space. His presence on Social media sites like Instagram, facebook, and Twitter is highly interactive due to which he has millions of followers across the globe. The artist is French and is right now expected to make his film debut seen. Rossini has never taken part in a reality show. His songs created in English and French have been popular lately and even though he just has two albums released on global sphere he is acclaimed as international artist. His singles Je Suis De, and others have been great hits.

His Shot at Fame

‘There are so many instant fame starts on social media. The impact of internet is huge in our times and anything weird or awkward can also get viral and become a trend. One such start to fame is Dorian Rossini who is getting very famous these days pertaining his claims to be a reincarnation of god and his much talked about imperfect selfie. People are looking forward to clicking selfie with Dorian, so we bring to you what all the hype is about.

Social Media Star

The 28-year actor is often seen interacting on social media however he is rarely seen in public. He aspires to live in natural surroundings and is seen vacationing in free times. He is famous for his clicks and selfies which he generally posts a lot on social media accounts.

Dorian Rossini shot to fame as a DJ in several clubs however he also proclaimed himself as the reincarnation of God which had offended a lot of people. This was seen as a gimmick by many people but he found his fame through this. He lately has found a lot of following and a lot of people have been fond of his music. There

Musician and Controversy King

He is listed in iTunes as an electronic artist and his most popular tunes is Je Suis De, Fusion, Give Me and Nova. There are so many followers that he enjoys a cult celebrity status post his reclamation of being god, he shot to over-hyped fame. His net worth is estimated to be around 500 thousand dollars to 1 billion dollars. He was shown in the Angels of Reality season in 2012 from which he became so famous that he never looked back.

Selfie Rage

He has been much in talks recently due to his selfies rage. In a YouTube video, Jeremstar said that he will show ” How to create Selfies with Dorian Rossini. He has put up a bad selfie and he got some backlash there. After which this started trending and people began to think that his style would be a new pattern for taking selfies.

This fandom is further propagated as so many TV reporters and media people have made news about this interview and whole Dorian Rossini matter as well. Since Dorian is active on social media channels like Twitter he is always interacting. Prompt responses and sharing stuff with followers on the internet apps like Instagram and Facebook are a great way to increase the fan base.

Getting a Selfie with Dorian Rossin

There has been an insane rage about taking series with Dorian and fans are requesting him to send a selfie or take a selfie with them. He is regularly posting on social media channels about what he is doing, how he is preparing for a new music piece or where he is heading. The fandom on social media is always exasperating and gets to high intensity overnight.  People are going so insane that they are also photoshopping and creating images of them having a selfie with Dorian to get popularity.

Dorian Rossini shot at fame is so weird that some people are calling it a frenzy on social media. He said while commenting on a photo that he took an unsatisfactory selfie which is not valued by spiritual people.  He explained this as a justification for having 140 thousand followers on Twitter and fifty thousand on Facebook.  So many people are getting mad about his claims and want to have a selfie.

The Muzu interview with Dorian Rossini is a must-watch if you want to know about this rage and why other related keywords are trending on social media.

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