10 Potential Life Saving Tips for Your Trip to Canada This Year

Canada is cold but gets very bright in summer provided you visit some of its better areas. However, that unexpected snow storm can always happen in most parts of the country and if you are planning a trip this year, you should come prepared. Weather is not the only concern when visiting any part of the world, many other factors serve as warnings for travelers from around the world.

If you are travelling from the UAE, being prepared for the extreme weather difference and all the other factors is always best. To kick the process off, you will need high quality Canada immigration consultant service that is not too far from you. Be sure to get all your documentation right, Canadian immigration laws can grant you a visit visa of up to a year depending on your status. Here are some potential life saving tips for your troop to Canada this year:

Security from Street Crime

Unfortunately, half the world suffers from this phenomenon in today’s crowded world. Petty street crime is found in most major cities of the world and Canada as well. Looters and thieves consider tourists to be easy targets and are always paying unwanted visits to hotels and vacation spots. Leaving your passport at a safe place and other valuable belongings with it and carrying a photocopy of your legal documents is a safe idea.

Safe Visits to National Wildlife Parks

Although Canadian wildlife parts are a treat to visit but things can turn ugly pretty quickly if you go in there unprepared. Wildlife is called wild for a reason and it’s always best to follow all instructions provided on their websites or entry stations where they often also have volunteers warning you of potential threats and how to deal with them.

Preparing for the Weather Conditions

Although most of Canada is a treat to visit during the summer, but weather is one uncertain factor all over the country. Whether you are travelling by road or have a plane flight planned within the country, its best to see the predicted weather forecast just a few hours before you leave as fresh forecasts are often reliable and can save you the hassle and also from potential life threatening situations.

Potential Bear Attacks

Black bears and the famous Grizzly of the Canadian Alps are not only found in abundance on wild mountain peaks, they also live happily in National Parks and frequent tourists spots in the jungles. It is important to know where their populations are concentrated the most and avoid those spots altogether. When visiting bear populated national parks and outdoor locations, it is important to:

  • Dispose of all garbage safely.
  • Alight fires and cooking activities much away from campsites.
  • Pack food in air tight containers to block its smell.
  • Be careful about human stocking bears in lone wild places

When looking for potential life saving tips for your trop to Canada this year, keeping yourself safe from bear attacks can always be one of the best tips.

Travel Insurance

When visiting form places like the UAE, it is important to get travel insurance before you leave for your Canadian holiday. If you are somewhat of a skiing, snowboarding or extreme sports junkie, this travel insurance can come in handy in case of any unwanted situations. Get the total cover premium ones that cover your luggage as well as your health and safety.

Importance of Emergency Numbers

For people travelling from completely different parts of the world, emergency numbers in Canada will be totally unfamiliar territory. However, these can be pretty important when in a potential dangerous situation. In Canada, the emergency number is the same as the US, 911. For non-emergency assistance, tourists can also dial 311 in some specific areas such as, Vancouver, Halifax, Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg.

Animal Awareness for Drivers

Canada being a vast country has many of it’s between cities roads passing through jungles and wildlife areas. Animals getting on roads is a commonplace and if you plan to drive while in the country, watchful eye should always be kept out for sudden animal incomings. In the Rockies, you will see unique animal overpasses that help avoid such incidents but these are not found all over the country.

Snowboarding and Skiing Safely

Canada is home to some of the most popular skiing and snowboarding sports around the world. A lot of tourists come here for these activities. However, keeping in mind factors like:

  • The person ahead has the right of way while on a run
  • Respecting your limits and not crossing any laid out signs
  • Staying in control while hitting slopes

Is always a great idea. These can save a lot of lives and also save you from fatal injuries when performing your snowboarding and skiing runs.

Avoid Snake Concentrated Places

Canada is home to some of the most snake concentrated places on the planet. In May 2016, a whole lot of 70,000 snakes came out of hibernation. Most of these were the red-sided garter snakes. You can even find snake dens where viewing emerging snakes is also possible. However, if you are anything of a snake fearing person, staying away from such places is the best idea.

Always Carry Cash on You

Canada is a vast country with a lot of no man’s land places between major cities. You should never make the mistake of only travelling with plastic money (credit or bank cards). ATMs can be scarce in many parts of the country and if you are traveling between cities, those food remote food places or hotels can be without credit card machines and ATMs as well.

While on your Canadian trip, if you happen to like the country too much (you are not alone), contacting a high quality Immigration Consultants in Dubai for your immigration to Canada from UAE is the best option. There are a few low quality ones out there as well. Be sure to choose the ones who suit your needs perfectly.

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