3 Reasons Why Your Four Wheeler Needs A Snorkel Kit

Today, I am going to start with a new post that explains you many reasons why snorkel kit is important for your four-wheel drive.

We all know that how dangerous it is if water enters into the four-wheeler engines. It can damage the engine. Same applies to the dust as well. It is all about the road area which is full of, dust, water, and mud.

If you want to protect your 4WD from mud, water and dust go for the Toyota Hilux Snorkel.

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Well, Safari invented the concept of the snorkel which is defined as an engineered and custom shaped product for the 4×4 accessory industry.

However, before purchasing any safari snorkel kit, you must know some facts about the snorkels.

#1: What are snorkels?

#2: What is the use of good quality snorkels and its benefits?

#3: From where you can purchase high-quality snorkels at affordable rates.

#4: What is air ram and its uses?

About Snorkel

Snorkels are measure as the primary accent which is fitted to a four-wheeler engines to improve the efficiency of the fuel. It is available for a wide range of vehicles such as Toyota, Safari and much more. The snorkel helps in raising the airflow to the engine and higher the rate of air consumption to minimize the possibilities of water consumption.

These snorkels square are manufactured from top quality materials that are UV resistant to increase durability.

Installing a snorkel make your 4WD more capable and is quite inexpensive rather than other modifications.

Importance of fitting a Snorkel to your Hilux

#1: Water


Are you worried enough about your four-wheel drive engine? You do not want your engine to suck or die in water while crossing any river or deep water.

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The snorkel supports the motor to work under ordinary conditions staying away from the breakage by water consumption.

#2: Dust

Due to the impurities present in your 4WD engine decrease the performance of the engine. To overcome this problem or to maintain the performance of the engine try to snorkel. It helps in keeping dust away from getting into the 4WD filter. Even the snorkel used to keep the filter clean and accomplish a greater airflow.

This is accomplished that by the rise of the air consumption, where dust particle is lower and stay away from the clean air stream.

#3: Road

What’s more, you need, the snorkel enhances the performance of the vehicle on the road because of a lower temperature and a clean air intake.

Whether you are driving at average or high speed, you will quickly notice this favorable condition in your daily driving. Together with this it also helps to decreased fuel consumption.

What is Air Ram all about?

I know you must be thinking about this term and it also sounds awkward for you. I agree but let me give you some idea. The air ram is also called as the crown of the snorkel. With the help of air ram, you can easily separate moisture or sand that already appears in the snorkel.

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The air ram 90-degree curve is used to trigger off the water to the outside surface from where water can easily drain out.

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