30 years with Warfaze by Shafkat Samin Anowar




From 1984 to 2015, a long way to count back. And for a band like Warfaze this 30 years were a tale of their legacy, pride and integrity. Following this issue, this pioneered metal band stagged “The Legacy Concert” back on January 30th, 2015 at the International Convention City at Bashundhara Residential Area. January 30th underlined 30 years of warfaze’s journey as a band. Just like the silver jubilee experienced on 2008, this concert was nothing an exceptional. But a full blaze of craziness it was! This legacy concert was one of the leading and most foreseen one in the music diary of Bangladesh. Over thousand fans gathered and enjoyed the performance of this fabled band, the fans got in a channel with Warfaze, as hundreds firecrackershailed and sang along in the thrilling atmosphere.
The show opened up with one of warfaze’s most finest song, Jibondhara and steadily picked up the rhythm with records like Shadhikar, Boshey Aci and some classics like Obak Bhalobasha, Joto Duray, Tomake, Koishor and much more. In the concert the Band had a slight changes in the lineup. As Guitarist Oni Hasan is still out of Bangladesh, he was replaced by Samir Hafiz. Apart from that, there were former members like Suniov, Balam, Babna Karim and Romel Ali, who joined the event and fired up the stage!
Concerts all around the world mean some solo encounters. This juncture was nothing an exception. For some instance Kamal and Samir dragged off some awesome guitar solos, whereas Shams and Romel Ali had Keyboard duos as Mizan and Sunjoy had their shares with the microphones. But the Warfaze sensation Tipu as usually just rocked the show. The ongoing crowd also enjoyed the live performance of some of the celebrity like Labu Rahman, Amitabh Reza, Elita and many more.The most remarkable part of the celebration was the air of the hall as it was followed by strobes, light, lasers and projections that blew up the show and took it in poles apart.


30 years with Warfaze by a GIG Shafkat Samin Anowar 

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