5 Best VR For iPhone-Read Before You Buy One

Do you wish to give a VR headset as a gift to someone? Or do you wish to buy one for yourself? You can do it. You may not be able to get the best possible mobile experience. However, since the two best headsets-the Samsung Gear VR and the Daydream View will not work with iPhones, there are alternatives. Additionally there are no remote controllers that you can use with iPhones. It is a reason why you will be limited to choosing from headsets with built-in buttons or open-sided headsets. You also check here vr-bril-bestellen.nl .

Here are a few:


Mattel View-Master VR:

The Mattel View-Master might be a toy, yet it is a fully-functional Google Cardboard headset. You may pick up the latest version with adjustable focus in person around $40 from Target. Or if you want to, you can pick up last year’s version. The problem with that is, the focus does not adjust and it is around $17.

Xiaomi Play2:

This headset does not contain the bells and whistles of other viewers. This of course refers to adjustable lenses or built-in headphones. However it is quite easy for you to use. Just open the outside flap, then drop in the phone. The only control happens to be the button right at the top of the headset, which is very lightweight. The price can be a little high right now for some people. But you can expect the price to come down quick.

BoboVR Z4:

With built in control button on the underside of your headset, and built-in headphones. It also includes adjustable lenses, a super-wide 120-degree field of view. Additionally you get an easy drop-in phone holder making it a likeable headset. And, if the headsets get in the way, it is also sold in mini versions without them.

Xiaomi VR:

This is an older Xiaomi VR viewer. It is of low price and has a decent field of view and built-in buttons with straps. There are openings along the front cover for the virtual reality applications. And it will fit over the glasses. vr-bril-bestellen.nl The lenses are not adjustable and there is a zipper which can be annoying for use. However, on the bright side, it costs way less than the new Xiaomi Play2.

Google Tech C1-Glass:

You will not need a control or button when it comes to this headset. You get to touch the screen and interact with the apps without having to remove your phone from the headset. This gets convenient when you are switching apps or even videos. To add more value, the open design means that the headset will not block outside light. So this means that it is less immersive. And the fact that it does not have a strap means that you have to hold it up to your face. It will fold flat. And it even comes with a nice carrying case that is just right for you.

These are some of the top headsets in the market.

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