5 Exciting Things To Do in Fuerteventura – Must Read For Travelers

Nothing could be as better than enjoying a holiday with your family and beloved friends. Most often you feel bewildered to select a pleasing destination that suits everyone.

Therefore, I am here to assist you. Occasionally, you don’t know a destination or lack of information about things to do hold your step. In this post, you will know about an amusing destination – Fuerteventura.

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There are a lot of things to do in Fuerteventura that eventually connect your life with a moment of happiness and enjoyment. So, before you get prepared for Fuerteventura excursions, you should know about this site apparently.

Fuerteventura is one amongst the Spain’s Canary Islands and lies 100km off the north coast of the Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. It is highly renowned for its white-sand beaches, water sports, windsurfing, waterskiing and especially surfing. Furthermore, the Fuerteventura weather stays pleasant all around the year and thus called as ‘island of eternal spring’ because the sea diverts Sahara’s hot winds current from the island. I also want to add here that Fuerteventura is famous for her FIshes. You might also want to visit best fish finder for more.

Now, let’s move ahead and check out what to do in Fuerteventura –

Stunning Beach

Not identical to every beach, the Fuerteventura on the north-eastern shores of the island boasts exciting sand stretches. This may be the best examples of Corralejo found in the south of the island. The white dunes of Parque Natural de Corralejo measure 11km long is the center of attraction.

As the sand is propelled in from the Sahara, you can enjoy the constant shape-shifting of the dunes. You should avoid visiting when it’s windy and look out for the windbreak shelters, which are built from volcanic stone by local peoples.

Savor Sea Food

You can enjoy delicious seafood from Fuerteventura’s fishing including parrotfish, meaty and limpets. Corralejo boasts some seafront restaurants, but El Cotillo will be precise in this context. Also, you can be nourished with delicious and best-grilled octopus in The Canaries.

Immersing Volcanic Landscape

One of the essential thing that you must not forget to visit is a big volcano site. Montana de Tindaya is the oldest mountain in the Islands of Canary, which is abode to indigenous Majorero people. In the recent days, people are not allowed to hike. You may explore another way that drives you to Corralejo lava craters from Lajares.

Enjoy Delicious Majorero

Fuerteventura has a large population of goat in contrast to people. Thus, they are renowned for very delicious Majorero cheese. So, never forget to taste it. You will find different little farms who sell their own. You will love to savor grilled Majorero along with a bit of Canarian palm honey.

Discover Ajuy’s Bays

Ajuy is known as a best romantic spot and a precise site for afternoon’s walk on the west coast of the island. The geological formations of Fuerteventura and stunning pattern created by solidified lava piling up layers overlayer is the center of attraction you must visit. The Fuerteventura water parks are the best site for the people who are fond of water sports.

Final Words

Eventually, this holiday spot will be one amongst the best to enjoy a lot of impressive things for people of all age group. So, if you are intending to go for a holiday trip in coming vacation, the Fuerteventura excursion will be the best option.


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