5 Ways Technology Can Improve Productivity at Work

In this digital age, there is a stigma attached to the internet that employees should not be allowed to use internet during their work hours as it lessens their productivity but it has proven wrong by a recent study. A recent Pew study suggests that, 46% of working adults feel their productivity has increased due to the Internet, email and cell phones.


This can be due to many factors, such as enriched tools for staying organized and auditing various projects, the agility of instantaneous information, and easier and faster communication.


If you want to know the ways technology can improve your productivity at work, read on:


Financial tracking


There are many financial softwares that allow the business owners to make better decisions in a minimum amount of time. These softwares include Microsoft Dynamics AX, which tracks all your finances and lets you focus more on your business goals.

Managing finances is a very tedious task and needs a plenty of time and energy. But technology has made it easier. Now, managing finances seems no big deal otherwise it would be a very monotonous and time-consuming task. The best part about Technology is that, it lets us think more about the end-result rather than the small steps that take us there.


Innovative presentations and pitches


There was a time when you had to put in all your efforts to make a presentation on PowerPoint. You had to tap into your creative zone and come up with new, interesting and innovative ideas. Now the time has changed.  With technology, you can use platforms like Prezi to make customizable presentations. These platforms allow you to choose the design and format of the presentation.  They do most of the flashy work for you and let you focus on other important things for example, delivering presentations.

Technology has made the process of making presentations so easy that it doesn’t seem time-consuming anymore.






Organization and execution


It is a very difficult task to keep track of all your daily tasks and assignments while taking care of your well-being. You can complete your tasks but when it comes to keeping track of them and taking care of your health activities, you lose hope. But, you don’t need to worry.

There are platforms like my Health Sphere that help you increase and keep track of your health activities during your work day. They make you stay more productive during you work hours and remind you to drink water and take mental breaks.





There is no question in this digital age where we have to respond by saying that we don’t know. Internet is the king of all the encyclopedias. It has all the knowledge of the world.

At times, we find ourselves trapped in a cave of darkness by depending others for the information that we need Write My Essay. Teach yourself to do the research first before jumping to the conclusions. Read the information thoroughly so that you remember it next time/

Internet has made all the answers available at your fingertips. So, empower yourself with knowledge.



When you finish a task or project, try checking your latest feed for a few minutes after. This will clear your head for the next task and give you a nice mental break.





There are many events that take place in an organization which make you meet other professionals and listen to their informative conversations. You also get an opportunity to learn from their experiences and brainstorm cutting-edge ideas with them. Would you want to keep in touch with them? Email and Social Media are the perfect ways to keep track of them since business cards are mostly thrown away.


You can even create an alert if you find them not replying to your Facebook message or your email. It will remind them of you and they, themselves will try to stay in touch with you. You can even approach them on LinkedIn and communicate your ideas and thoughts.

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