6 Winter Wedding Do’s And Don’ts

The temperature just dropped and snow is falling. If you are planning a winter wedding, no need to despair! Wedding affairs are no longer restricted to spring and summer season anymore. Most couples today opt to host their big day at a time that was once an “off-season,” surely for a good reason!

The fact remains that between the snowy atmospheres lies a romantic experience. In addition, there is less competition for event designers in Atlanta and venues. Yes, there is a lot more to adore about this spectacular weather for your grand day.

Snow falling, temperatures dropping lower and wedding bells all set to ring aloud, here are wedding dos and don’ts that will make your wedding a remarkable winter wonderland.

1.     Do Design It Any Way You Desire

When planning a winter wedding, this doesn’t mean that you opt for pine cones, dark reds and the common snowflake décor. Nowadays, more couples prefer to step outside the norm and opt for lighter color palettes. You can consult your event planners, such as those at Let’s Celebrate Events to guide you on the best color palettes. You can think of blues, blush, violet and more. At such times, you can also ditch the standard holiday decorations.

Using glitters in winter and summer weddings is also a great choice. You can feel free to bring your dream to life of having a spectacular wedding with some shine. Ignore the season; be sure to mix in modern and classic ideas!

2.     Don’t Let Declines Weigh You Down

An important consideration of the winter month is that people must be busy and afraid to travel due to the bad weather conditions. Winter has its own way of bringing challenges, especially for people who are not the “frequently” traveling sort. Be sure to take “no’s” to your wedding invitation with a grain of salt and be open enough to accept that people are not great fans of bad weather.

Another great tip is to give people their save the dates with good notice, that is if you are planning the big day around holidays. Hence, you can get into their schedule as soon as it’s possible. In addition, having an intimate small, memorable wedding is always a wiser idea when it comes to cutting down costs.

3.     Do Keep Some Cozy Snacks for Late Night

While summer season is a call for food trucks and BBQs, winter has lots of mouthwatering options for food. You can go crazy with new appetizers and desserts, especially for late night snacks! Keep some hot chocolate for your guests with cookie bars or other interesting options. You can consider serving mulled apple cider and your guests will be more than happy to smell some cinnamon in the air. Keep anything that makes your guests comfortable and warm. Explore your options with your caterers and you will be sure to find so many options that will create the best cozy options.

4.     Don’t Freeze Up

When you plan a winter wedding, remember that you cannot be overly fussy about your dressing style and what your bridesmaids should wear outdoors. Even if you are considering planning your wedding outdoors, just simple tasks like dashing out of the car to head to the venue can push you to face the chills outdoors. If you are opting for some glitzy heels you can expose yourself   to snow or ice so feel free to swap your heels with sneakers or boots to move from one place to the other.

Coats are necessary too, depending on the intensity of the cold. You can consider wearing a pashmina to block the winter away. You can also order some cheap fleece blankets for the reception and use a ribbon to bundle them together. You can offer them comfortable footwear for the dance floor (such as slippers!), suitable for people who wish to take off their winter shoes to bust a move. Try to think out of the box and explore what happens.

5.     Do Be Courteous To Your Winter Guests

Family and friends who are willing to be brave to embrace the weather and keep your guests entertained are always there for all the best reasons. You can show your appreciation by simply presenting them some unique and special winter wedding favors at the end of the event.

6.     Don’t Overheat the Wedding Venue

After a few songs and dance sessions, the initial chill is sure to fade away and you can expect your guests to shed one layer of their clothing to stay comfortable. You should work with your event coordinator ahead of time in order to ensure they will be vigilant in managing the thermostat of the throughout the event to keep your guests comfortable.

The wedding planning phase has to be a well-planned one. You just have to make sure you consult the right event planners who could guide you about the theme and decorations options. They can pay attention to all the details that will keep your wedding in winter a fabulous one.

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