7 major mistakes to avoid when looking get your website rank high on SERP!

When your website reaches to the top of search engine ranks, this makes you a dominant leader in the industry. This increases the exposure of your company to a large extent. Moreover, you can increase lead conversions and get the returns on investment you want. Now, the question is what if your site is not ranking? Why isn’t it reaching the top of Google search ranks? These are some questions that you need to ask yourself in case your site isn’t performing well. If you are looking for backlink api, please refer here for more.

Expert opinion on why your website isn’t ranking well

Experts say that there are several reasons as to why your site isn’t ranking well. The following are some of the errors that businesses commit when it comes to search engine ranks-

  1. Give it time- Google says that when it comes to search engine rankings, you must be patient. Search engine optimization is not an overnight process. As a business, you need to create an SEO strategy in which you lay down your objectives and goals. Incorporate this strategy before you follow it. Google will take time to consider whether the changes you have made are valuable or not. In fact, it takes over four months to one year before you actually start to see effective results. This is something you need to be ready for as it takes patience for you to see results in SEO.


  1. Keyword- Most of the time, you are using the wrong keyword that makes your page ranks dip. The wrong keyword will make your competition tough, and this is one of the prime reasons why your page ranks suffer. As a business search for those target keywords that have lesser competition. This will help you to improve your page ranks to a large extent. You should analyze the keywords used by your competitors and understand the levels of competition you face. Once you have understood the competition, the next step is to build an SEO strategy with a list of targeted keywords that are not as competitive as the ones that you used earlier.


  1. Your on-page optimization is too poor- Most business owners have poor on-page optimization, and this is a significant reason why they do not have good search engine ranks. You need to hire experienced experts who have skills and experience in the field of on-page optimization so that you effectively are able to get a decent page rank on Google. NY SEO agency experts state that you must do on-page optimization well if you wish to reach the top of Google page ranks.


  1. No quality content- Google wants quality content on your site. The user experience is of paramount importance if you are looking for better page ranks for your site. SEO bots will crawl your site, and they would want to see quality content on it. The content you post should be valuable and informative to your targeted audience. On an average, your site must have at least 400 words of quality content to create positive impressions on the targeted audience.


  1. Duplicate content- Another big risk that most sites face is duplicate content. This is one of the most general errors that business sites do. In case, your website contains duplicated content, the search engines that are crawling both sites will become confused. This will lead to penalties by Google.


  1. Stuffing of keywords- As mentioned above, the choice of the right keyword is essential, however, when you write posts, make sure that the keywords are not stuffed into the article or blog. Nowadays, the algorithm of Google is very sophisticated, and they identify keyword stuffing. Experts suggest that you should never stuff your keywords in the article. Use keywords that are relevant for getting good page ranks.


  1. Blog- Yes, does your website have a blog? If you have a blog for your site, you will update it with new content regularly. This helps you to improve page ranks. Experts say you must have an extensive blog strategy and write on topics that are relevant to your business. Many business sites have a blog however they regularly do not post content on it. Make sure you have a good blog strategy and ensure you write regularly for good page ranks.

Therefore, when it comes to search engine optimization and page ranks for your business, do not make the above mistakes. Take risks, however, ensure they are calculated risks that cause no harm to your site. Take the help of SEO experts that have proven track records and skills in the field. Make sure you check your content is original and plagiarism free. The keyword should be moderately inserted throughout the posts. These are simple tips for you to remember, so keep them in mind and watch your search engine ranks soar with the passage of time.


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