Amazon Has Discontinued The Kindle Voyage

By the end of July, Amazon discreetly removed its Kindle Voyage from the storefront. Read more onĀ Amazon Has Discontinued The Kindle Voyage below:

What’s cooking:

TheEbookReader and GoodEReader have confirmed that Amazon have discontinued the line of eBook readers. Both of these sites claim that Amazon has removed the model along with the comparison table. They have only left the basic Kindle, mid-range Kindle Paperwhite with premium Kindle Oasis. This Voyage had been primarily released in 2014 while featuring some additional perks above the basic Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite. This version was thinner and lighter with a glass screen and haptic buttons for turning pages to go with a simple and utilitarian design. However, this comes at a higher price: $200, then the Voyage seems to have been overtaken for a premium slot of the Kindle family.

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