Ariana Grande Gets NASA’s Attention

The fans absolutely love Ariana Grande, there’s no doubt about that. The No Tears Left to Cry singer’s newest Instagram stories have been all about the universe, in particular, Jupiter and Neptune. Find out why Ariana Grande Gets NASA’s Attention:

What’s really happening?

Not sure if any of you have seen these new photos of Jupiter but I f–kin have and it’s all I’ve been thinking about all day…

says the caption of her first photo, then she also added, “I am so in love with this incredible and mysterious and beautiful universe oh wow we are so small.”

Ariana Grande Gets NASA's Attention

                                                 Ariana Grande Gets NASA’s Attention


“Jupiter can like get it … Earth is shaking … Jupiter is that bitch .. jk Earth is that bitch tbh,”

that is what she went along with. She has even shared her late-night search history. It features a lot of Jupiter-related content.

Ariana's research continues

                                                        Ariana’s research continues


And this is before she started her research on Neptune.

“The staggering unknowability of our universe … A new Instastory series by Ariana Grande,”

is how she finished it. After Ariana commented ‘omg” on one of NASA’s tweets, they replied, “out of this world, right?” You can check it out below:

Ariana Grande Gets NASA's Attention

                                           Ariana Grande Gets NASA’s Attention


This sure set about a fun set of events.

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