Why Arrow Is The Worst TV Show

Do you remember that cool show based on Green Arrow? It helped to launch an entire TV series universe. All of us were on the edge of our seats each episode. Many people thought it would carry off from where Smallville finished. A lot of people also predicted that this show will reach the heights Smallville couldn’t. Arrow is now in their sixth season and has become perhaps the worst TV show. Why Arrow Is The Worst TV Show? Let’s have a breakdown and see:

The pitfalls:

With season five closing of the Lian-Yu saga, Arrow is something far more tedious than those Oliver Queen flashbacks. Let’s face the facts. Stephen Amell is a very stiff actor. For a majority of the time, it’s hard to understand if he is trying to portray Green Arrow or Batman. A lot of it is down to the writers of course. But that’s not the biggest problem with the show. It is Tv’s most forced couple- Olicity that has killed the show’s momentum.

         Why Arrow Is The Worst TV Show

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Just when you thought you were free of the tired love affair, season six brought it all back again. At one time, and I mean, a long time back, Felicity was quirky and funny. In her own way- she was a cheap imitation of Smallville’s Chloe Sullivan. And the fans did cheer for her, they did want her to end up with Mr.Right. But things have changed over the course of the seasons. Felicity is at Oliver’s beck and call. She is busy giving him advice and is also playing mother hen to the team. Her role has become that of a doting and ever so devoted yet nagging wife who waits for her husband to come after the war ends.

Side character issues:

With all due fairness, returning Olicity is not the entire reason why Arrow is so bad now. The pace of the episodes has become much slower across each season. There is also the banishment of good characters. Remember Ragman? It was Rory Regan who took on the role of Ragman. His powers made him stronger than the rest of the team combined. Plus, he had a good backstory. So what did the writers do with him? They left him out of the show.

As they expected us to forget him, they introduced Dinah Drake into the show. Juliana Harkavy was chosen to play the role. And sure enough, she started off quite strong. She had a badass attitude that fit a female superhero from the comics and the fans were getting behind her. And let’s be hopeful for her character to shine through this mess.

           Dinah Drake gets screwed


After Dinah’s boyfriend, Vincent gets murdered by evil Laurel, what do the writers do? They make her look like the bad guy. And do you wanna know why? Because she wants revenge on evil Laurel. Good job writers. The team’s negative reaction toward Dinah was unwarranted. Also, Oliver’s sudden mistrust of the newbies that are on the team just does not add up.

Recurring character fixations:

So, why does Dinah get sidelined again? Oh yeah, it’s so that we can get to know evil Laurel better and be even more disappointed. Also, another person who should probably change shows before it ends his career is David Ramsey. Playing John Diggle, his character has had to go through a lot of hardship to fight on Oliver’s side. But he seems obsessed with doing so anyway. And all of a sudden he seems obsessed with leaving his wife and kid to go become Green Arrow and put his life in even more danger than before.

Every great superhero needs an equally great villain to make things work. Slade Wilson was brilliant. Malcolm Merlyn was also quite convincing before season three. Damian Darhk was not horrible. Adrian Chase was a bit woobly at first but, managed quite efficiently towards the end. But now you get to see a painfully boring Cayden James and a monotonous Ricardo Diaz. This just does not make for good TV.

Arrow is not in need of a new show runner. It is need of an ending to all this bad acting. Arrow has lived long enough to see itself become the villain. That’s all, share your thoughts on Why Arrow Is The Worst TV Show.

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