Have your backup secured on iPhone with WhatsApp Encryption

There is a point when most of us would have come across this situation, have someone snooping right into our phone. They try to read out all the juicy information which is available on our device, be it text messages or emails. It is something which makes others feel intriguing and has an exhilarating experience as well. You can also use Apple iMessage for pc.

When we exchange messages not all the messages are normal, there are instances when we need to share information which is private and confidential as well. It is important that the two persons who are involved in the conversation are only aware of it and nobody else. So, they exchange it through a medium and it is essential that it is safeguarded and not available for any third person to read or the third party to know about it.

This is when the wonderful encryption comes for rescue when the messages have encryption we can be sure with the fact that the messages are safe. It has an end-end encryption, which means that it is encrypted at one end and decrypted at the other and vice versa. Encryption is one of the best technologies of today’s world, which help the people have their information safe and secure.

Recently, whatsapp clonescript has boosted the security of the iCloud backup feature app in its messaging platform in order to achieve secured chat logs from being accessed in a readable form. This gigantic messaging service has offered the end-to-end encryption on its messaging service. But this encryption was not processed in the iCloud backups of messages.

The real fact is that Apple holds the encryption keys for iCloud which allows the access to WhatsApp messages to be backed up. The messaging chat service gradually added the encryption to WhatsApp iCloud backups a year back, but the change came last week when the professional hackers claimed to be able to mislead the security measure.

According to a recent report, the third party hacking apps are able to download the encrypted WhatsApp data which are backed up to iCloud and then produce an encryption key in order to decrypt the data using the associated SIM card. These tools could be used by the patrols with the access to a mobile phone where the WhatsApp account has been deactivated. On the other side of the flip, the encrypted messages are stored in the iCloud database. A report was revealed last month that an agency has been unable to access the information on more than three thousand mobile devices in the initial period of the economic year.

A recent report exclaims that the government has used of about nine lakhs millions of the cash to pay for the third party tools in order to unlock the iPhone used by a terrorist. The FBI later disclosed that no information of relevance was found on the device. At the same time, the UK government claimed that the authorities cannot gain access to the messages stored on the mobile applications protected by the end to end encryption such as the gigantic messaging service WhatsApp. The situation with the technology companies will be more vivid in the near future.

While the iCloud accounts are encrypted, a third person with the Apple’s decryption key will be able to access the full data of a user’s communication history which means that the handed messages will be moved on to the law enforcement. The invaders with the access to iCloud accounts could have done the same criteria. The additional layer of security which means the data is stored on Apple’s backup in a way that is not easy to read to anyone without the aid of WhatsApp decryption key. When a person backs up the chats through WhatsApp to iCloud the backup files will be encrypted and then they are sent to their destination. The gigantic messaging service has also introduced similar security for the Android users. This great move is likely to irritate the government officials that have pushed for the gigantic messaging service in order to break the encryption for the security services.

The Facebook-owned messaging platform has not disclosed the procedure how the iCloud backup encryption works. It is possible to associate the SIM card and the iCloud passwords which are necessary in order to unlock the backup. But some of the security experts have exclaimed that WhatsApp itself have the ability to decrypt the files. The user data cannot be accessed by iCloud, but still, it can be operated by WhatsApp. The folks have to decide if the solution satisfies the situation. The gigantic messaging service seems to both generate and backup the key data. It means they have the key access and eventually can access the user data.

The technicians urged the gigantic messaging service in order to make its software open so that the users can knowledge it and see how it works and the experts can test how secure it is. A report says that if a company is specialized in the hacking tool then it introduces a new product to the table by the iCloud encryption. As everyone knows that WhatsApp sends users the unlock key in a text message and the company’s hack requires the SIM card integrated with the account.

This encryption concept was introduced in WhatsApp a year back. The messages sent through WhatsApp will not be tired in plaintext on the servers. The organization is still unable to decrypt the messages as it does not hold any encryption keys.  This means that the organization would be unable to hand over the user data completely. Most of the folks must be using the latest version of WhatsApp in order to ensure the messages are encrypted one. The folks with the new version may notice a message appearing in their chat messages informing the users about the new changes. The CEO of WhatsApp has updated a blog statement in order to explain the significance of the update. The theme is just a simple one. When a person sends a message the only person who can read it is the person or the group chat that he/she sends the message to/ No one can see that data includes the cyber criminals or the hackers including the oppressive regimes or the ordinary people. The End to end encryption helps WhatsApp communication a private one.

The main reason behind introducing the encryption of the messages on WhatsApp was because there was a possibility of a third party to be able to read through the messages. It was evident that it is the intrusion of the user’s privacy and it was something which the company was not expecting it to be coming their way. Tech geeks were smart enough to find the root cause of it and get it fixed.

This is why now the users of WhatsApp have their messages encrypted from end to end. There are instances when they are sharing confidential information, with the growth in the technology there has been growth in hackers as well. Due to that one aspect, there have situations where the users have been in distress.

End-end encryption feature is one of the best updates which the app has ever had since the day it was launched. So, Folks, there is no need for you to worry about having your message scrutinized, it is kept all safe and secure, you and your friend will be the only one who will be aware of all the conversation you both had.

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