Bernie Sanders Is Agreeing With Cardi B?

Sen. Bernie Sanders is singing the praises of Cardi B once she highlighted the importance of Social Security. Bernie Sanders Is Agreeing With Cardi B?

What’s it about?

The former Democratic presidential candidate aforesaid he in agreement with Cardi B concerning the importance of getting a powerful Social Security policy once the “Bodak Yellow” rapper pointed Franklin D. Roosevelt was instrumental in beginning Social Security throughout his presidency.

“Cardi B is correct,” Sanders tweeted weekday. “If we are really planning to build America great we want to strengthen Social Security so seniors are ready to retire with the dignity they be.”

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The “Bodak Yellow” rapper weighed in on Social Security throughout an interview with GQ posted last week, telling the magazine that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was “the real ‘Make America nice once more,’ as a result of if it wasn’t for him, old folks would not even get Social Security.”
The tweet isn’t Sanders’ 1st partnership with a rap artist. during a 2016 tweet, Sanders shared a New York Times interview with Jay-Z, writing “Jay Z is right: we’ve got to finish the war on medication.”
Sanders was conjointly joined on the path throughout his presidential campaign by “Run the Jewels” rapper Killer microphone, who told CNN’s Rupert Brooke Baldwin in 2016 he bawl once the Vermont legislator completes his presidential campaign.


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