Best Jewelry Companies In U.S And Their Store Locations

Are you looking for one of the best jewelry companies in U.S? Jewelries are used
by people from the ancient time. It has a great value and precious effect on our
mind as per our usages. I am pretty excited to share with you the information
about the best jewelry company in the USA. If you are looking for presenting a jewelry
to your mom, wife, daughter and the dearest one then this information will help
you a lot. Currently, there are numerous jewelry companies in the United States of
America. Among them, we suggest Graff Diamonds, which is one of the best. Let’s
go through to the whole article to have a clear view about this company and its
magnificent jewelry.

Graff Diamonds, One of the best jewelry companies in U.S

Establishment & History

Though Graff is now one of the best in the USA, it’s the first journey begins in United
Kingdom. In 1960 Graff Diamonds Limited is established in London by Laurence
Graff. And in 1962 this company starts their official journey by opening two Graff
Diamonds retail store in London. They open their first flagship store in the USA on
Madison Avenue in New York. In 2006 Graft opens a head quarter in New York of
12,000 sq ft.


1. Diamonds
Not only in the USA but also in the world, Graff has unveiled so much astonishing
diamonds. Here, I will introduce you with some best-unveiled diamonds of this
 “The Icon” world’s largest D color flawless brilliant cut diamond (90.97 cts )
 “Empress Rose” the largest internally flawless fancy light pink diamond
(70.39 cts )
 “Star of America” the largest D color internally flawless octagonal step cut
 “Lesotho Promise” cut from the 15 th largest diamond ever discovered.
 “The Magnificence” largest emerald cut diamond (243.96 cts )

 “The Graff Constellation”, the largest round brilliant cut diamond
(102.79 cts )
 “Thy Delaire Sunrise” the largest square emerald cut fancy vivid yellow
diamond in the world (118.08 cts )
 “Graff Pink” natural fancy vivid pink diamond (23.88 cts )
 100 Million Dollar astonishing “Peacock Brooch” with a stunning fancy
deep blue pear shape diamond at it’s center.
Besides these there are some beautiful collections like: The Wittelsbach-Graff,
The Graff Sweethearts, The Perfection etc.

2. Jewels

Graff has some astonishing collection of jewels. Let’s check out some best
 “The Eternal Twins” an extraordinary pair of identical D flawless emerald
cut diamond.
 “Swirl Ring” has a magnificent central diamond.
 “White Heart Shape Diamond Ring” heart shaped, embraced by a minimal
setting, light is amplified.
 “Diamond Bow Necklace” a fine example of expertise of the house’s
unparalleled design and expertise.
 “Beaded Sapphire Tassel necklace” exceptional three-dimensional tassel

3. Watches

Graff collections not only limited to diamonds and Jewels but also have some
magnificent collection of watches. They first launched five types of watch in 2008
including technical, sports, dress, jeweled and sports. Let’s introduce with some
best collections.
 “Master Graff Floral Tourbillon” beautifully designed watch adorned with
flowers that rotate on themselves.
 Graff unveils the 55$ million Hallucination, the most valuable watch ever
 “Eclipse Tourbillon” this watch is ultra slim, lightweight and durable.
 “Mater Graff Gyro Graff World” has three-dimensional moon phase
indicator, which charts the daily progression of the moon.

 “ChronoGraff” striking addition to Graff’s sports collection.

Stores Of Graff In USA

Let’s check out the stores of Graff in the United States. Here I will provide you a list of
the location of stores
You can also find jobs in those stores. Click this link to browse more jobs.

1. New York
710 Madison Avenue
New York
New York, 10065

2. Chicago
103 East Oak Street
Lllnois 60611
3.Bal Harbour
9,700 Collins Avenue
Bal Harbour
Florida 33154

4. Palm Beach
221 Worth Avenue
Palm Beach
Florida 33480

5. Las Vegas
Wynn Las Vegas
3131 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas
Nevada 89109

6. SAKS 5 th Avenue, New York
611 5th AvenueNew York, NY 10022

7. SAKS Beverly Hills
9600 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

8. SAKS Greenwich
205 Greenwich Avenue
United States

9. SAKS Tyson’s Virginia
2051 International Dr.
Mclean, VA 22102

We try our heart and soul to provide a smooth way to go for the best
jewelry company of USA. Your satisfaction is our pride. So we wish you
the best when you choose your desirable jewelry the very next time.



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