Best Traveling Products In 2018 – Just Read Once Before You Step Out

Before going on a trip I talked with my friends and family and one of the most frequent comments I received was: How do you plan to travel so long with a backpack? I could not, I would not know what to wear.

Choosing what to wear and what is not, it’s not easy, I’m still learning on the fly and every time I’m traveling lighter, but it’s a process. Here I show you what I decided to take with me in my backpack for a trip that has no fix end date.

It is important to note that if you plan to travel for a couple of months it is necessary to make a small investment in your travel equipment, some things will be expensive but it is better to buy something of quality than something that will be causing you problems at any time.

Packing a suitcase can sometimes be a headache if you do not have much experience, because it can happen to you that you forget something; for that reason and so that you do not forget the towel, the sandals or even the underwear (yes, do not laugh), you’ll thank me later. Below are best analyzing AmaTop10 traveling products that you should always take with you in the trips:

Travel Pillow JUROGAN Inflatable:



It is the cheapest of what we are going to show you should take your purchase into consideration as long as you do not look for a pillow of spectacular comfort.  However, we must bear in mind that its design is completely ergonomic, even leading to alleviate neck pain thanks to its hump shape.

In addition, it is very versatile since this striking shape allows it to be placed in different positions.

Regarding its inflation, the Inflatable Pillow has an air release valve, and a quick pressure button to deflate it. Both inflation and deflation will be fast and without great effort.

After that it can be folded and fits anywhere. It is also worth noting the maximum hygiene that it offers us, since it has an easy washing system to keep it clean and hygienic that is easily disassembled, thanks to the completely removable and washable cover that comes incorporated. In short, if you are looking for a good travelling pillow inflatable will offer maximum guarantees. For this price you will not find anything that resembles it features.

Lunatec Aquabot sport water bottle:


It is a water bottle produced by the Lunatec brand, has an attractive design that you can buy in a wide range of colors so that you can choose the one that best suits your style.

It is made of BPA free which gives it the gift of being super resistant, making it the ideal company as a sports water bottle. You can find it in different sizes, a presentation of 350 ml, and another of 500 ml and a last of 750 ml.

It comes equipped with an innovative cap that incorporates a suction pipette, which is easily activated by pressing a button, allowing you to drink the liquid even when the bottle is in an upright position.

This bottle has a nozzle, to make it easier to clean it; it will not transmit or retain flavors due to the good quality of its materials; the greatest benefit of this model is its ability to converse the ideal temperature in cold drinks for 24 hours. The production guarantees a product without BPA, the raw material of excellent quality prevents the bottle from absorbing or transmitting odors and flavors, in addition, it grants a long useful life making it resistant to outdoor activities and camping.

It has a leak-proof system and a flexible channel so that the user can drink the liquid comfortably.

PacSafe Venturesafe X40 Multi-Purpose Backpack:


The 40 liter backpacks, with this masterpiece that the PacSafe brand brings us. It has a spacious main compartment, with cord closure. A top cover for loose objects with easy access, and an interior space large enough to store a sleeping bag, or trekking boots.

This travel backpack is made with smart zipper security to deter thieves and pickpockets as a guarantee of durability in extreme temperatures. Its design is perfect, with a padded air mesh panel and adjustable straps to relieve weight in the back, shoulders and neck. In addition, it is breathable, offering continuous ventilation.

It has front pocket, pockets on the belt and side pockets to keep items easily accessible always at hand. The straps that are adjusted to the chest prevent rebounds when moving for a more comfortable transport.

It also has loops for mountaineering and a water hose clip to make accessibility easier.

This PacSafe Venturesafe X40 Multi-Purpose Backpack is perfect for long-stay adventure trips, with great capacity and a design perfectly thought out to save space. You will be surprised by everything that can fit in this travel backpack. It has six compression straps, height adjustments with a dimension of 22 x 30 x 55 inches.


The above mention products are necessary while traveling to enjoy the trip without any sort of problems. Happy Holidays!!

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