When was Black Angus Steakhouse created?

When we talk about the favourite food of America, there is a long list, but the steaks are one of the best meals which are eaten not only in the USA but around the world. You can make the steaks at home, but when it comes to the freshly grilled gourmets beef steaks, the Black Angus Steakhouse comes to the mind. Not only that have a variety of steaks and seafood menu, but there food is the best quality and known for its taste and quantity. That is why when you are planning a dinner out or date; Black Angus Steakhouse is on your list.

Background of Black Angus:

The famous brand of Black Angus Steakhouse has taken the name from the Scottish breed of cows which are small cattle and native of the different counties of Scotland especially the Aberdeenshire and Angus. The colour of the beef of these cattle are usually black or dark red; it tastes best when aged for few days particularly for 21 days. That is why it is also named the Black Angus.

Many chefs around the globe love the rustic and salty taste of Black Angus beef, and therefore it is considered best for making steaks. These cows are mostly fed on organic food, usually, the grass field feed that is why they tend to have more tender and juicier meat. Therefore when we talk about the quality and tasty steaks, the Black Angus beef is your best bet.

Also, it is exported all over the world at reasonable prices which makes it quite a unique treat especially for the beef lovers around the world. Since the production of this meat is lower than the market demand, it is not readily available in the market, and you need a good and authentic source or supplier to get the best quality beef for your restaurant.

Black Angus Steakhouse creation:

The Black Angus Steakhouse was created on April 3, 1964, by the Stuart Anderson who was as a resident of Seattle, Washington. He created this American restaurant in Los Altos, California and since then they are serving the best quality Black Angus Steaks for their customers which is now world famous for their quality food and taste.

When it comes to the steaks, the Black Angus Steakhouse is one of the top restaurants in America who has created its reputation for food quality and unique taste. But moreover, than anything else, it is an excellent American steakhouse which offers quality steaks for their customers.

Why is the Black Angus Steakhouse unique?

While there are thousands of steakhouses all over the USA, you might wonder why the Black Angus Steakhouse is famous, and on the tops, the answer is simple they are providing best steaks over the past 54 years. They have the best taste which is developed according to the American palate buds over the period.

Freshly cut Beef and ingredients:

Ingredients play an essential role in making of any dish or cuisines that is why they have worked on the fresh ingredients, the vegetables and beef are cut each day freshly. Black Angus Steakhouse make sure that each thing is clean and direct from the farms also they emphasise on quality products which are organic as it is the essential part of the menu.

Perfectly aged Black Angus:

Since ageing is the best way to preserve the moisture inside the meat, the Black Angus is aged to 21 days for perfection. It helps the flesh to develop a nutty and salty taste which is present in the meat as well as it is essential for producing the grilling taste in the steak.

Well-marbled meat:

Once the meat is selected, the Black Angus Steakhouse makes sure every steak is marbled to perfection which demands that the right fats are preserved in the flesh. That is why it is considered as the best cuts for a good steak, it is also regarded as one of the expensive meats, and when grilled it comes out moist and tasty. It is also one of the critical characteristics of the Black Angus Steakhouse and its success.

Grilling on an open flame:

There are many methods of making a good steak which includes the pans, ovens as well as the open-air grilling. The Black Angus Steakhouse has been using the open flames for the perfect marks on the steak as well as cooking it in the right amount. The open fires also play an essential role in searing all the juices inside the steak while the outer part is crusted and have more flavours and seasoning. As most of the people in America like the steak in rare and medium rare this method of cooking the meat is best to get the desired results. If you are looking for pro electric smoker have a look at them. They are very professional and experienced.

Correctly measured and certified Angus Beef:

While many companies and suppliers claim that they have authentic and best quality steaks of Angus Beef, many don’t. That is why to make sure that the customers get what they are paying for the Black Angus Steakhouse has certified Angus beef, and also they get the meat measured to the right quantity such as 18oz. The best thing about this steakhouse is that they offer beautiful and right cuts of meat as well which includes the bone in ribeye if famous Angus beef which is considered as the excellent steak cut for juicy and delicate steaks.

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