Cardi B Handles Her Malfunctions Like A Pro!

Cardi B knows that there are a time and place for everything. She is not shy about sharing a video of herself dancing on a table in her grandmother’s house to her own song. Yet, she knows that there is a lot of difference between teasing some skin on Instagram and doing so on the red carpet, or since she’s a singer- on stage! Here’a throwback to when Cardi B Handles Her Malfunctions Like A Pro!

What’s cooking:

Cardi was at Los Angeles’ Calibash and she took to stage to perform “La Modelo”. The only problem here was her sheer ruched dusty pink Dolce & Gabbana dress. The embroidered flowers zigzagged across the bodice and while Cardi B thought it was good enough for the show, it certainly was not.

The embroidered flower does not extend far enough to conceal the sheer quality of her look down below. So, Cardi had her hand placed there for the entirety of her performance.

Of course, she addressed the situation later the same night on Instagram. She posted a hilarious photo where she wore the same dress and a cheeky expression along with the caption:

 “Last night was LIT!!! Even tho I realize my dress was see-through and I realized last minute.”

It’s proof enough that sometimes all you need is a positive attitude and you can overcome an embarrassing fashion faux pas. That’s how Cardi B Handles Her Malfunctions Like A Pro!

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