Codeforces Round #409 (rated, Div. 1, based on VK Cup 2017 Round 2), problem: (E) Verifying Kingdom Solution In C/C++

#define rep(x,a,b) for (int x=int(a);x<=(int)(b);x++)
#define drp(x,a,b) for (int x=int(a);x>=(int)(b);x–)
#define cross(x,a) for (int x=hd[a];~x;x=nx[x])
#define ll long long
#define inf (1<<29)
#define pii pair<int,int>
#define pdd pair<double,double>
#define mk(a,b) make_pair(a,b)
#define fs first
#define sc second
#define pb push_back
#define VI vector<int>
#define VS vector<string>
using namespace std;
inline ll rd(){
ll x=0;int ch=getchar(),f=1;
while (!isdigit(ch)&&(ch!=’-‘)&&(ch!=EOF)) ch=getchar();
if (ch==’-‘){f=-1;ch=getchar();}
while (isdigit(ch)){x=(x<<1)+(x<<3)+ch-‘0’;ch=getchar();}
return x*f;
inline void rt(ll x){
if (x<0) putchar(‘-‘),x=-x;
if (x>=10) rt(x/10),putchar(x%10+’0′);
else putchar(x+’0′);
const int maxn=2005;
int n,nc;
int hd[maxn],nx[maxn<<1],to[maxn<<1],cnt;
void addedge(int u,int v){
int pa[maxn],ls[maxn],rs[maxn],ez[maxn];
int cen,ms[maxn],size[maxn];
int del[maxn],allsize,nwk;
void getcenter(int u,int fa){
int v=to[i];
if (v==fa||del[v]) continue;
if (u>n&&(!cen||ms[u]<ms[cen])) cen=u;
char ans[5];
void divide(int u){
printf(“%d %d %d\n”,ez[ls[u]],ez[rs[u]],nwk);
if (ans[0]==’X’){
if ((!~pa[u])||del[pa[u]]){
if (~pa[u]){
if (ls[pa[u]]==u) ls[pa[u]]=nc;else rs[pa[u]]=nc;
else allsize=size[pa[u]]<size[u]?size[pa[u]]:allsize-size[u],divide(pa[u]);
else if (ans[0]==’Z’){
if (ls[u]<=n||del[ls[u]]){
else allsize=size[ls[u]]<size[u]?size[ls[u]]:allsize-size[u],divide(ls[u]);
else if (ans[0]==’Y’){
if (rs[u]<=n||del[rs[u]]){
else allsize=size[rs[u]]<size[u]?size[rs[u]]:allsize-size[u],divide(rs[u]);
int main(){
rep(i,1,n) ez[i]=i;
memset(pa,-1,sizeof pa);
memset(hd,-1,sizeof hd);cnt=0;
rep(i,1,v-1) addedge(pa[i],i);
rep(i,n+1,nc) if (~pa[i]) addedge(pa[i],i);
memset(del,0,sizeof del);
rep(i,1,n*2-1) rt(pa[i]),putchar(‘ ‘);putchar(‘\n’);



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