Codeforces Round #415 (Div. 2), problem: (D) Glad to see you! Solution In C/C++

#include <cstdio>
using namespace std;
#define ff fflush(stdout)
#define mid (lef+rig>>1)
int n, k, x, t1, t2; char s[5];
inline bool I(int a, int b){printf(“1 %d %d\n”,a,b), ff, scanf(“%s”,s); return s[0]==’T’;}
inline int Binary(int lef, int rig){if(lef>rig) return 0; for(; rig-lef > 1; I(mid,mid+1) ? rig = mid : lef = mid+1); return (lef==rig || I(lef,rig)) ? lef : rig;}
int main(){scanf(“%d %d”,&n,&k), n-2 ? x=Binary(1,n), t2 = Binary(x+1,n), t1 = Binary(1,x-1), printf(“2 %d %d\n”,x,t1&&t2 ? I(t1,t2)?t1:t2 : t1+t2) : puts(“2 1 2”); ff; return 0;}

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