Dating related activities cost more than expected

It is not that easy to find a date and start dating, singles on an average spend dollars and dollars to find a date and spend on the dates. Everything related to dating needs some amount of spending for the drinks, food, dressing, and other dating activities.

Online dating site conducts survey

A survey was conducted by an online dating website and the survey report shows that the singles send on an average more than sixty dollars a month on the dating activities. The is an online dating website that was launched in April 1995 and the company has its service in twenty four countries and it hosts the website in fifteen languages. The website creates an opportunity for all the singles to find a partner and get into a relationship and being an experienced company in the online dating industry, the company uses a different set of strategies and tools that help people to find the special person.

The website allows the users to express their thoughts, interest and other information through different writing sections and the users can add twenty six different profile photos and they can select the profiles based on their preferences. The users can view the profiles and see the photos of the other members on the dating site.

As the dating site contains personal information about the users, they make sure that the information and the communication process that takes place in the dating platform are secured and private. Confidential information like the name and the contact number of the person is kept safe and is not shared with the public, but the users can share their information with the best matches if they wish to do so. To maintain the integrity of all the members in the online dating platform, the profile photos and the information shared in the profile are screened by the customer support team before it is being posted on the website.

The company provides universal service and connects people from all parts of the world. It powers the online dating service for the Yahoo Personals in North America, Australia and it has strategic relationships in other countries throughout South America, North America, Asia and Europe. The company has its headquarters in Dallas and has its international offices in Tokyo and Beijing.

Amount spend on dollars is more conducted a survey that consists of more than five thousand singles of age 18 and above and found out that the singles spend more amount of money on the dating and activities related to dating. Without paying for the matchmaking websites and online dating platforms, a person spends around five hundred to one thousand dollars a month that might include the basic dating activities like drinks and foods, admission and event fees and tickets, hobbies and clubs and other things.

While there are even individuals who take much care in registering in the matchmaking or dating sites or even arrange a special counselor like love doctor or love guru to help then in finding the potential person. From the survey, thirty eight percent of the singles spend no money on dating activities and eighty eight percent of them spend nothing on the dating efforts. But the survey concluded that more than one hundred million singles spend about eighty billion dollars every year. However, the monthly amount spent by the individual is generically low.

Apart from this, there were many other things found from the survey, where twelve percent of the women and fifteen percent of the men want to have a  physical relationship every day and people of all the ages want it 2 or 3 times in a week. And twenty eight percent of the singles have turned their friends with benefits relationship into a serious committed relationship and thirty one percent of the singles have said that their one night stand was transferred into a commitment.

In the case of messages, about thirty five percent of the men and thirty six percent of the women have sent sexually appealing photos of themselves to their matches and forty eight percent of the men and forty percent of women have sent sexually explicit messages to their partners in the online dating platform. Twenty percent of the singles have stated that having a physical relationship from the first date is appropriate and fifty four percent of them complain that it is not appropriate.

According to the survey, three percent of the people said that the first date should last up to five and more hours, while fifty four percent of the people said that a good date should last from 2 to 4 hours. However, forty three percent of singles who were surveyed said that one or two hours spent on the first date are considered as a good one.

Committed relationships have increased

Most of the people in the survey report stated that their relationship that was once fragile have become strong and are fine with their life, this includes sixty five percent of same sex marriage, eighty six percent of interracial marriage, and eighty percent of interfaith marriage. Even people who had long term relationships that were once not accepted have become fine and that includes fifty three percent of the people having children outside the wedlock and seventy six percent of the partners living together.

When complicated and different relationships those were once doomed have become fine now and the couples are happily living together, but there are certain thing in the society that is considered not fine. Some of the things are like the long distance marriages, couples sleeping in different bedrooms or living in different houses, and sexually open marriages. And all these things have one element in common and that is the disruption of the profound connections.

When it comes to the amount spend in dating, thirty seven percent of the men said that they were stressed and pressurized when it comes to appearance and looks more that the forty six percent of the women. From the survey it was found that the singles have to spend on the way they appear, dress, and the accessories they wear. Most of the first dates land in gym, bar or the Laundromat and there are even places that offer inexpensive dating experience like touring the city.

From the survey it is clear that dating is not an easy job, but one has to spend money and at the same time become committed into the relationship. There were also other aspects in the relationship that was brought to the lime light and the dating was seen in a different perspective.

Whatever might be the thing, at the end of the day all the survey reports and research finding show that the people are expecting build their relationship based on love and trust. Even when people come across different cultural convention, they believe only in the love and wish to secure their relationship based on it. When people spend more money on the dating and dating activities and other efforts related to the dating, the only thing that a human heart longs for is the love and affection. Love is the only element that makes a person believe in living life.

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