Did You Know About These Samsung Galaxy S9 Flaws?

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are the culmination of Samsung’s smartphone philosophy. They are big and beautiful while they are easily some of the most advanced machines that have ever graced the collective pockets. However, they are not perfect and issues will arise. Did You Know About These Samsung Galaxy S9 Flaws?

Issue: Dead zone on the touchscreen

Users on Samsung’s official forum and many Reddit users lay claim that sections of the touchscreen on the S9 are completely dead. This means that the phone is not reacting to the touch. In most cases, the dead section may be a band laid horizontally across the device and isn’t at the same place for each person.

Users say that they have attempted the factory reset and changing sensitivity options on the phone. So far, none of these techniques have worked. Samsung has confirmed that it is looking into this issue.

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  1. This seems to be a hardware issue. So, your best option is to speak to whomever you bought the device from and get it fixed.

Bug: Samsung pay is not working

Given Samsung’s payment service, you will expect Samsung Pay to work with the Galaxy S9 right away. Unfortunately, that is not the case.


Ensure that your phone is updated to the latest version. Samsung has rushed out an update as quickly as they could. If you still face issues, try uninstalling and then reinstalling.

Bug: Very dark super slow-motion video

Some users claim that the super slow-motion video on their S9 device shows up with high levels of darkness. This bug does not affect all of the S9 units. However, if it is affecting yours, you will notice a dramatic difference in the lightning between the Auto camera mode when you switch to Super Slow-Motion mode.


According to Samsung, they are working on it to come up with a solution soon enough.

Issue: Voice record doesn’t work

If you are into recording the phone calls for security or archival purpose then you will be disappointed. It seems that you won’t be able to do that in the S9 device. According to multiple users, no matter what app you are using, only one caller’s voice will get recorded.

So far, the news is that only the international versions have this problem. The Snapdragon 845 version of the device is unaffected by this.


So far, there are no solutions to it yet. However, hang on tight because Samsung is working on it.

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