Difference Between Monitoring And Spying On Your Kid

We all know that there are not many things more important for parents than their kid’s safety. In today’s world children are much wiser and smarter technologically speaking than their parents. But because they are still children, they can have problems with understanding what is right and what is wrong, who should be trusted and who should not. Due to this, cellphone monitoring apps are getting more and more popular among many parents. However, we need to understand that it is not the same to monitor your kid’s phone or spy on it.


Monitoring and spying may sound like a similar concept, but these two are quite different things. The differences involve the deal of transparency provided by both the 1 being watched and the 1 doing the watching. Most people are actually used to being monitored and even observed in their daily life. When we are around other people, most of the things we do can be seen and analyzed.


When it comes to spying, it involves getting information that was not meant to be seen by anyone other than the intended recipient. Information can be hidden for legit reasons, but more often than not, the real reason to hide something is that there may be something bad that needs to be hidden. Also, spying implies that the person being watched is not aware of being watched, and on the other hand monitoring means that the person is fully aware that any information that is to be kept completely private is information that should in principle be kept to oneself.


Many parents can at times feel as though that spying activity is the only way to get accurate and reliable information from their kids. However, in reality, not letting the kid know that you will be monitoring invites them to drift towards areas that are not appropriate or even acceptable household subjects. Parents may sometimes think that if their kids know about parental control software, then the kid will use other computers or devices to engage in a poor behavior. This might be true, but it will show that the kid knows right from wrong and respects the boundaries and privileges the parents may provide directly. Either way, whenever poor behavior has been discovered, the kid will know that he or she is being monitored. Letting kids know about monitoring software gives them the opportunity to get it right the first time, and it also lets them know that parents will be there for them if any bad circumstances arise.


A cell phone should be a privilege, which means that it should be something that can be taken away at any time. There are boundaries that children shouldn’t cross and a mobile phone is a powerful tool that will enable kids to access and share potentially unsuitable content. When a parent gives their child a smartphone, it should come with a discussion about responsibility as well as the need to remain safe when browsing the net or chatting online. This is the proper time to talk about monitoring software and for parents to show their kids that they will be keeping track on how the smartphone is used, who it is being used to contact with and why. Also, GPS locations will be checked to locate the kid at any time. This lets the kid know that there are standards to be met.


Cell phone monitoring with parental controls provides families with the ability to give their children mobile phones without worrying about the children getting into trouble when surfing the Internet. By using such software, parents can review sites and apps used and restrict access to age-appropriate contents or perhaps only at certain times of the day. Parents can also read texts and chat logs and see if anyone is acting inappropriately, enabling them to block access to certain numbers. Kids will be able to access the app to quickly send their parents information about their GPS location, but only parents can make any adjustments or uninstall the application with a password.

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